Tyk vs Gravitee – Evaluating API Management alternatives

Choosing between Tyk and Gravitee? Here’s what you need to consider.

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  1. One gateway. Free. Forever.
  2. Fully Featured
  3. No third-party tech
  4. Scalability
  5. Powerful Security
  6. Policies
  7. Product Trials
  8. Customer satisfaction

Tyk offers everything you need – and then some.

Let us show you what we mean.

Feature Tyk Gravitee
Owns the entire technology stack
Service-mesh specific capabilities built into APIM
Advanced Kubernetes operator
Supports CI/CD use cases
REST API support
SOAP support
GraphQL support
gRPC support
Websocket support
No-code, no-XML policy configuration in OSS
API Developer Portal included
Promote APIs across environments
Import Swagger APIs
Publish GraphQL APIs to portal
Data integration platform

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