Architect and build a performant, secure API platform

From individual APIs to your entire platform, performance and security decisions can make or break your business. Slow response times are never good. Data leaks are worse. Then there’s the ever-present spectre of non-compliance, from security risks and data privacy concerns to unreliable service quality and lack of standardisation.

Thankfully, you don’t need to lose any sleep over performance and security issues. Ultra-flexible and easy to use, Tyk is here to help you achieve the performant, secure API platform your business deserves.


Understanding the headaches

Architecting and building a performant, secure API platform can come with plenty of headaches and irritations.

In performance terms, APIs that take too long to answer deliver a poor user experience. That can be painful for businesses. Decisions you make around your architecture type can impact this in a major way.

On the security front, you need to implement robust access control, secure your data, integrate with user management/single sign-on (SSO) and meet all your compliance obligations. Your business model, finances and reputation depend on it.


How does Tyk help?


Optimise for architecture

Optimise Tyk for every architecture – GraphQL, REST, gRPC, Kubernetes, microservices and more. We provide event-driven support for Kafka, while our API Gateway takes care of caching, so you can offload traffic from your backend services, reduce infrastructure costs and use fewer resources.

Watertight authentication

Implement watertight authentication and authorisation mechanisms easily, including integrating with OAuth 2.0 flows and granular SSO and role-based access control (RBAC).


Easy compliance – security, consistency and standardisation to keep your regulators happy without stifling innovation. We’ve learned lessons along the way from our own compliance journey.

Unmatched flexibility

Ultimate flexibility and accountability – our audit logs show who has done what, so you can track every change and retrace your steps if needed at every stage of building your API platform.


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Embrace open standards

Easily and quickly create APIs that comply with open standards.


  Enjoy peace of mind

Implement robust security with just a through clicks through the user-friendly Tyk Dashboard.


  Test efficiently

Use Tyk’s Dashboard Debugger to ensure everything is working as it should be and catch bugs early.