One API gateway to
rule them all

The Tyk API Gateway protects, secures, and processes APIs for thousands of
organisations and businesses around the world.

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A seriously powerful solution, minus the over-engineering

If you’re looking for a market-leading API gateway, you’re in the right place. Tyk’s open source API gateway provides a robust, lightweight path to a better experience for your customers, while leaving you in full control. You can rely on robust deployment, security and governance, saving you time and money.

Use Tyk API Gateway with REST, SOAP, GraphQL, Kubernetes and legacy systems to:

Secure, shape and transform your traffic
– Handle all of your governance and auditing requirements
Design, implement and test your APIs
Gather and export analytics to drive business decisions
– Add API management to Kubernetes


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Everything you need

We believe that Tyk is the most capable, flexible, accessible and powerful API gateway on the market.

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Trusted by thousands of brands worldwide


More than just an API gateway

Easier deployment management

Deploy APIs securely, easily and efficiently.

Deep dive analytics

Understand how your APIs are performing to drive business decisions and identify problems.

Flexible versioning

Manage migrations better with a strategic approach to versioning.

Safe, efficient, secure collaboration

Enjoy powerful governance and auditing capabilities – ideal for highly regulated production environments, multi-region teams and complex infrastructures.

Deploy your way, without changing your stack

Would you like to install Tyk and self-manage it? Run it in the cloud? Or perhaps as a Kubernetes operator? Tyk is designed to work with any and all of these approaches, as well as with hybrid models. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

Focus on your business needs first

Make decisions based on what’s important for your business, not technological rate limitations – Tyk places your priorities front and centre.

Your business, your way

Tyk’s API Gateway was built from the ground up. There’s no third party software to manage or black box to install – just open source code that provides you with full oversight and complete control.

Tyk API Gateway

You can download the industry-leading open source API gateway that powers our platform. It’s free to use, forever.

Tyk Cloud 

You can choose Tyk Cloud to start using Tyk on our servers, with nothing to install and pricing plans that grow with your business, so you never pay for more than you need.

Tyk Self-Managed

You can install Tyk Self-Managed on your own infrastructure – on your laptop, cloud, mainframe, whatever you need. This option has pricing plans to suit every business, from single teams up to vast international enterprises.

Recognised on Gartner Peer Reviews


APIs now make up 57% of dynamic internet traffic

52% of API error rates are 429 ‘too many requests’ errors

Recommendation: Use an API gateway to move toward a “positive security” model