Hybrid API Gateways for Performance and Stability

Tyk - Open Source API Gateway

Tyk API Gateway gives you an Open Source API Gateway in a small, powerful package that's easy to deploy, quick to set up and highly performant with a minimum of fuss. Our API Gateway has been downloaded by thousands of startups and enterprises worldwide.

Join the community, contribute and help us keep Tyk at the forefront of Open Source API management.

Free and Easy to install

Open Source API Gateway

Tyk is an open source API gateway, that is easy to deploy and setup using YUM, APT, Docker or Vagrant

We are transparent, flexible and open – licensed under the MPL v2.0.

Built in Go and backed by Redis for stellar performance

Tyk API Gateway is FREE,  and you can get it now

A large community

Hybrid API Gateways for Performance and Stability

We are supported by a thriving community, with a dedicated hub

Tyk has a public roadmap and flexible contributor guidelines

Updated with patches, incremental updates and new releases regularly to ensure your peace of mind

Tyk Technologies are core contributors to the open source project, and actively contribute to the community


Enterprise API Management

As major contributors to the core project, we provide support and SLA to Enterprise clients globally

Get more with a licensed management front-end: the Tyk Dashboard

Enable developer engagement with a dedicated, customisable Developer Portal

Get multi-DC, multi-zone management support using our Tyk Multi Data Centre Bridge

Tyk API Gateway Features

Quotas and Rate Limiting
Set rate limiting, request throttling, and auto-renewing request quotas to manage how your users access your API.

Tyk supports access tokens, HMAC request signing, JSON Web tokens, OpenID Connect, basic auth and OAuth 2.0 to integrate old and new services easily.

Record Analytics
Tyk can record and store detailed analytics into CSV, MongoDB or ElasticSearch for analysis by your favourite BI tool.

Integrate existing or new applications with Tyk using our REST API, Tyk does hot-reloads so you can introduce new services without downtime.

Mock out APIs
Use our API controls to mock out API versions before release. Import API Blueprints from Apiary or Swagger to make it easier than ever to start with Tyk.

Notifications and Events
Use our event system to hook into existing infrastructure and get up-to-the-minute notifications when key events happen on your services, APIs, portals or developers.

On-the-fly Transforms
Inject proprietary headers and transform inbound and outbound request data using our simple template and middleware system.

Service Discovery
Use Tyk with Consul, Etcd, Eureka and many others to enable auto-configuring, self-healing APIs

Virtual Endpoints
Create AWS Lamdbda-style programatic endpoints in JavaScript to orchestrate service responses

Policies and Tiers
Enable tiered, metered access using powerful key policies to apply to your developers

API Sharding
Split APIs across clusters and data centers with Tyk’s flexible tagging and segmentation features.

Microservice Focus
Circuit breakers, hard timeouts, service discovery and load balancing, all designed to integrate your microservices.

Extend Tyk Open Source API Gateway

Extend Tyk

Tyk is extendable through plugins which give you the ability to write powerful middleware to customise how Tyk processes requests.

Choose from Python, Lua or any gRPC connected language such as C++, Java, Ruby and C#.

Looking for more?

Check out Tyk Dashboard for FREE

Check out Tyk On-Premises Edition which includes a full management dashboard, analytics, detailed log view, geo-ip tracking, a developer portal, and advanced API, developer management and IDM integration.

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