Grow, migrate and scale with Tyk’s secure, lightweight, high-performance open source API gateway

Use Tyk for API-led product growth, rapid scaling, adopting microservices, undertaking complex API data/systems integration and all your core API management needs.

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The Tyk Open Source API Gateway puts the power in your hands

If you’re looking for one of the top open source API gateways, you’re in the right place. Use Tyk API Gateway with REST, SOAP, GraphQL, Kubernetes and legacy systems to:

  • Create new products faster
  • Grow customers and revenue
  • Implement simple, lightweight integrations
  • Undertake lift and shift cloud migration
  • Adopt microservices 
  • Enjoy stress-free, efficient API management

Tyk’s open source API gateway provides a robust, lightweight path to a better experience for your customers, while leaving you in full control. You can rely on robust deployment, security and governance, saving you time and money.

Tyk's open source API gateway example.

Powerful performance

Tyk API Gateway handles tens of thousands of requests per second with minimal introduced latency.

Take control

We’ve built Tyk from the ground up. There’s no third party software to manage or black box to install – just open source code that provides you with full oversight and complete control.

Everything you need

We believe that Tyk is the most capable, accessible and powerful open source API gateway on the market.

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Tyk's API gateway open source example.

Recognised on Gartner Peer Insights

Over 62% of developers relied on APIs more in 2022 than in 2021 – and 69% expect to rely on them even more in 2023

75% of developers are building internal APIs

18.6% of developers are now using GraphQL in production

Knowledge and support

Unlock the power of open source and start reaping the rewards. You have the knowledge of an entire community at your disposal.

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