Monitoring, troubleshooting and updating APIs

You’ve created and deployed your APIs. Excellent. Now it’s time to monitor their health, diagnose issues, troubleshoot and debug. 

But which metrics should you use, and what will they tell you? How will you spot and resolve issues before they become a major headache for your consumers? And how can you easily update your APIs without risking breaking anything?

The API monitoring tools and integrations you choose will make a big difference.

With Tyk, you can monitor, troubleshoot and update APIs quickly, painlessly and affordably. All while reusing the data sink of your choice!


What are the problems related to monitoring, troubleshooting and updating APIs?

Implementing efficient and effective API monitoring is essential if you want to provide reliable, consistently performant APIs. That means you need to put tools and metrics in place to ensure you spot anything out of the ordinary. Unresponsive APIs, APIs behaving unusually, traffic spikes and error response codes relating to your APIs will all need swift attention. 

To achieve this, you need full visibility of API health metrics, plus some kind of automation to alert you to any issues requiring troubleshooting. 

You’ll also need a user-friendly approach to versioning. Otherwise, updating your APIs in response to bugs and events your monitoring has caught (or for any other reason) risks introducing breaking changes. 

That’s a lot to ask of any API monitoring tool. Thankfully, Tyk has your back…


How does Tyk solve those problems?

API health checks

Implement health checks for routine API monitoring and use native integrations with Slack and PagerDuty for notifications if something unusual occurs. 

Trusted protection

Use circuit breakers to protect your services, handle failures gracefully, prevent cascading failures and maintain overall system resilience. 

Update and configure

Update your APIs using Tyk Sync or Tyk Operator (for Kubernetes) to change configurations in production.


Leverage the power of OpenTelemetry easily with Tyk Gateway and customise trace detail levels to meet your monitoring requirements. 


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Deploy your way

Multiple approaches meet different needs, thanks to Tyk Operator and Tyk Sync.


  Master versioning

Take versioning in your stride, without worrying about breaking things in different environments.


  Industry-standard security

Enjoy peace of mind on the security front, no matter which environment your APIs are in.