Deploying APIs into production

How do you move APIs seamlessly from one environment to another while keeping everything working? Getting your development version into staging for testing and production isn’t always easy.  

Tyk is here to help. From versioning to configuration management across different environments, all underpinned by industry-standard security and access control, Tyk makes it easy to deploy APIs into production. 

With a streamlined self-service sign-up process, it’s never been easier to get stuck in and discover how easy it is to deploy into production with Tyk.


What are the problems related to deploying APIs into production?

Version control can be a pain. We get it. It’s so easy for updates in one environment to break functionality or dependencies in another. And that’s before you even think about data synchronisation between different environments. Or configuration management. Or dependency management.

Deploying into production also means you need to have thoroughly tested your APIs to catch any issues before deployment. Then you’ll need to ensure they can handle the production load and performance after deployment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to get your APIs into the next environment? Oh, wait, there is…


Let Tyk take the pain out of deploying APIs into production

Robust tools

The tooling you need to move APIs into production: Tyk Operator and Tyk Sync. Deploy APIs while handling versioning, configuration management and everything else across multiple environments.


Extensions to Kubernetes objects – use our custom resource definitions for defining your APIs, along with Tyk Operator, to deploy APIs to different clusters and different environments. 

Two-lane sync

Not using Kubernetes? Use our two-lane Tyk Sync to synchronise API definitions into version control and migrate them into different environments. 

Security you can trust

Everything you need for trusted security, automated testing, performance optimisation, outstanding observability and more is included as a standard.


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Deploy your way

Multiple approaches meet different needs, thanks to Tyk Operator and Tyk Sync.


  Master versioning

Take versioning in your stride, without worrying about breaking things in different environments.


  Industry-standard security

Enjoy peace of mind on the security front, no matter which environment your APIs are in.