Why compliance matters to Tyk

Is your data handled according to the rules? Does the platform you rely on have clear and audited oversight? Do your suppliers have standards as good as your own? – this is what compliance is about. 

Here at Tyk, we understand that. There’s a reason why we are trusted with mission-critical systems in highly regulated industries worldwide. We’re not just innovators in tech but in compliance, quality and standards.

This blog explains how our commitment to protecting customers ensures we meet and invest in a dedicated compliance function that consistently improves its processes. This is how we give our clients the confidence to build secure services and products. 

Security is our main focus

Compliance has enormous benefits. We know it’s not the most exciting of topics, but it’s the only way to ensure your supplier meets the standards you expect and demand for your  business.

We invest a lot of our time, money, and effort in ensuring that the product and services we provide are of the highest standard. 

Choosing a supplier who adheres to rigorous standards ensures:

  • Reliability. Suppliers adhering to rigorous compliance standards are trustworthy and committed to meeting their obligations and delivering high-quality products or services on time and as promised.
  • Risk management. Compliance standards are designed to identify and mitigate risks related to safety, health, environmental impact, and data security. Choosing a supplier who adheres to these standards can reduce the risk of adverse outcomes that could harm your business.
  • Peace of mind. Compliance standards provide a common language and set expectations for suppliers and customers to work together. This helps establish a solid and productive business relationship built on mutual trust and understanding.

Our compliance standards 

Our dedicated compliance team focuses on compliance and innovation, working towards one of our fundamental Tyk values to ‘Make things better!’

Moreover, we are proudly certified to some of the most rigorously audited and internationally recognised quality management and security management standards, such as:


We always aim to maintain and improve quality fundamentals and consistently exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. This quality standard helps us streamline operations and assess and meet our customer’s needs and satisfaction. 

Because of our commitment to ISO9001, we will ensure:

  • Continuous improvement. ISO 9001 requires suppliers to continually improve their quality management system. Here at Tyk, we are committed to ongoing improvement and proactively identifying and addressing areas for improvement.
  • Clear and transparent communication: We communicate openly and transparently about our quality management system and any issues or concerns. 
  • Consistent delivery times. We have the processes to ensure that products or services are delivered on time or communicate proactively if any delays occur. 
  • Responsiveness to customer feedback. ISO 9001 requires suppliers to have processes for handling customer complaints and feedback. Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to take appropriate action and address any issues.


We apply information security and data governance throughout all levels of the business and in all our business relationships. This standard is embedded into how we work, allowing us to keep pace with any threats, changes, vulnerabilities and business impacts. 

ISO 27001 is a gold standard security certification as it provides a comprehensive, risk-based, and internationally recognised approach to information security. This certification is used across various industries, such as IT, financial services, healthcare, aviation and education, to demonstrate compliance and uses independent third-party auditing to validate their security practices. 

Through this, we secure products and systems to protect your reputation and safeguard your data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.  

Here are the ways we meet the requirements of this standard:

  • Set clear and effective security objectives
  • Continuously manage and monitor the ISMS
  • Consider risk management controls, including the implementation of risk treatment plans
  • Actively seek areas of improvement through Internal auditing 
  • Create a culture where all staff can actively contribute to maintaining information security. 


Certification to this standard demonstrates that we are securely managing data, protecting the interests of the organisations and the privacy of our customers at all times. 

The SOC2 certificate is widely recognised and accepted as a leading standard in security. It provides a rigorous framework for evaluation and requires companies to implement and report on a comprehensive set of security controls to meet the criteria for accreditation. 

To demonstrate compliance with the auditing criteria (security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy), we are continually assessing our internal compliance, IT, and information security measures to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of our products.

But wait, there’s more!

Compliance is not just about certifications and standards; it’s also about compliance with regulations and legislation. 


Tyk is committed to conducting business following all applicable data protection laws and regulations in conjunction with our security standards. We ensure that all data is handled fairly and lawfully through actions such as:

  • Maintaining written records of all our processing activities 
  • Maintaining written data protection policies and procedures
  • Having mechanisms in place to deal with any suspected or actual security incidents 
  • Periodically auditing our documents and procedures 
  • Providing GDPR training to all our Tyklings to create a data security-compliant culture.

We know there are other standards and regulations that our customers may need to comply with, and what’s important to you is essential to us. That’s why we maintain an open line of communication regarding your security and data needs and will do what it takes to keep your business safe. 

Compliance in our industry

When considering a supplier, ask questions about their compliance standards to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and industry-specific regulations, such as:

  • What standards do they conform to?
  • Can they provide evidence of compliance, such as audit reports or certificates?
  • What processes and controls have they implemented to ensure compliance with these standards?
  • How often do they undergo audits or assessments to maintain compliance with these standards?
  • Have they ever experienced a compliance breach? If so, how was it handled?
  • What level of transparency do they provide around their compliance practices, and how do they protect customer data?

Compliance is fundamental to the success of any business. And it’s more than just adhering to government rules and regulations. It indicates a company’s commitment to upholding its business values and protecting its customers’ data. Tyk can meet your compliance expectations whether you’re a small business or a leading multinational mega-corporation. To learn more about our standards, contact the team to discuss.