Bad API observability:
A pocket guide

Your guide to avoiding the seven pitfalls of bad API observability. Say goodbye to inefficiencies, frustrated customers and missed revenue opportunities.

Bad API observability costs you dearly. It’s bad for business. Our free pocket guide shows you how to dodge the pitfalls and avoid the slippery slopes.

Implemented well, API observability can improve your developer and user experience. It can identify errors, surface insights, speed up troubleshooting, improve reliability and so much more.

Some of the pitfalls include:

  • Forgetting your users or not understanding their pain points
  • Missing insights by relying on monitoring alone
  • Draining time using API access logs for troubleshooting
  • Opening the door to inefficiencies when coordinating different teams’ tools
  • Not accounting for different API styles in your observability strategy
  • Only using observability for production
  • Not starting tracing at the API gateway

Use our free pocket guide to explore and address each of these issues, paving the way to greater efficiency, happier customers and more revenue opportunities.

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