Govern and optimise your API platform

What if you could keep your regulators happy, optimise your API platform, control your costs and ensure your developers can move fast – but not break things – all at the same time?

With Tyk, you can achieve all this and more. 

Ideal for highly regulated industries, Tyk ensures you can tick all the right compliance boxes in all the right global locations, without breaking the bank. You can do so while putting guardrails in place to ensure your developers can innovate at blistering speed, safely and securely.


What are the problems related to governing and optimising your platform?

Between industry-specific obligations and regulatory requirements associated with operating in different parts of the world, compliance can feel like a painful topic. And that’s before you throw national data-sovereignty complications into the mix. 

How do you ensure your API platform keeps your regulators happy while also keeping your costs down? 

Then there’s the issue of giving your developers sufficient space to innovate at pace and at scale while also ensuring nothing gets broken. 


Tyk to the rescue

Efficient governance

Govern and optimise your platform efficiently and affordably – no weeks of training or complex integration, just the flexible solution you need for security, data privacy, reliable quality and standardisation.

Centralised pipeline

Centralised governance and easy CI/CD pipeline and GitOps integration mean your developers can move fast without breaking anything – put guardrails in place with single sign-on and role-based access control (RBAC) for fine-grained, cross-region granular control. 

Developer portal

Use Tyk’s internal developer portal for access to everything about your APIs, endpoints and usage, with documentation outlining best practices, development and usage guidelines, coding standards and more for consistent, reliable governance.

Deploy in any region

Deploy Tyk in any region, getting close to your users and respecting local data sovereignty and compliance requirements with easy data sharding that balances local transactions with centralised control and deployment. 


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Central dashboard

Govern and optimise everything centrally through the user-friendly Tyk Dashboard.


  Fine-grained control

Use Tyk’s Open Policy Agent for ultimate granular control over who can do what.


  Regional success

Comply with everything, everywhere with regional deployments and data sharding.