The API advantage: how product managers can leverage APIs to drive innovation

A deep dive into the real world of API business models and their case for API product growth.

Leveraging APIs to drive innovation is critical in today’s highly competitive, connected and rapidly changing business environment.

Businesses must be agile and responsive to changing customer needs and market conditions. The ability to innovate and adapt is crucial for the long-term success of any product or business – and APIs play an essential role in enabling this.

With this ebook, see the world of product management and the essential role of APIs from the angle that works for you.

You will find:

  • A brief history of integration technologies.
  • How to design, launch and scale a successful API program.
  • A deep dive into the three API business models and their use cases: Direct monetisation, indirect monetisation and revenue sharing.
  • The top ten and most influential API experts to follow.
  • A selection of quotes from successful API experts and influencers about their API journeys.

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