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Bite-sized videos to help you get started managing, securing, and governing your REST, GraphQL, gRPC APIs, and more

API Management

Intro To Tyk Dashboard

Taking you through the high-levels of the Tyk Dashboard, let’s get started on your API Management journey!

Tyk Architecture Overview

We’ll go over the different components of the Tyk API Management stack, along with the ways you can set up Tyk to manage your APIs with local, cloud, or hybrid architecture installations.

Create your first API

Create and manage an API in your newly deployed Tyk Gateway! We’ll walk through a quick tutorial for both self-managed and cloud installations to show you how easy it is to get started with Tyk.

Security Policies

Secure your APIs using Tyk’s Security Policies.  Security Policies allow you to create access templates for your API Products & API Consumers.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Use Tyk to easily create user profiles and manage access. You can configure a profile to perform certain actions, IDPs to connect, and URLs to redirect to.

Building a Custom Go Plugin

Building your first Custom Go Plugin quickly and easily.

GraphQL & Universal Data Graph (UDG)

API Management for GraphQL



Stitch REST services into GraphQL

Field-Based Permissions

Developer Portal

Developer Portal Intro

Support the modern API-as-product lifecycle. It enables API product teams to go beyond the basics of simply exposing APIs, to creating an API product marketplace and proactively driving adoption and consumption among developers and partners.

API Plans

How to create API Plans in the Developer Portal using your Tyk Dashboard Security Policies

Publish API Products & Plans

Publish your API products and plans to a Catalogue in the Tyk Developer Portal


Uptime Tests

This video shows you how you can use the Uptime Tests feature of the Tyk API Gateway. Uptime tests poll your API servers to identify failing hosts and remove them from the API gateway load balancer, reducing the risk of API consumers receiving error responses.

CI/CD using Tyk Sync

Monica takes you through a CI/CD flow, creating an API in a lower environment, and automatically publishing it to a higher Tyk environment using Tyk Sync, a CLI tool.

Kubernetes – GitOps Enabled CICD

Andy shows you a modern CI/CD GitOps workflow, complete with Tyk, Tyk Operator, CRDs, and ArgoCD.

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