Creating, securing and testing APIs

Do you need to create, manage, secure and scale APIs? Tyk can help you design, build, test, version and more – all with robust security and in line with open standards. 

Tyk’s out-of-the-box features provide everything you need. With our native solutions for creating, securing and testing APIs, you can enjoy a superior developer experience. And our streamlined self-service sign-up means you can get started immediately. Like, right now.


What are the problems related to creating, securing and testing APIs?

There’s so much to consider when you’re creating APIs. Security best practices. How to design for reliable, consistent performance. Whether you can automate your testing process. How to make your API scalable. 

Decisions in each of these areas will affect the quality of the API you’re creating. A misstep in terms of security, for example, could result in data privacy problems. Failing to implement versioning from the outset could lead to backwards compatibility issues as the API evolves. A lack of automated testing could turn into a major time drain. Failure to implement rate limiting could lead to performance issues, vulnerability to attack and problems scaling.

Don’t let the long list of potential problems get you down. Instead, throw it all at Tyk. 


How does Tyk help?

Open standards compliant

Tyk is open source and compliant with open standards, such as OpenAPI Specification. This means you can quickly and easily define and build your APIs in an OpenAPI Spec-compliant way.

Security options

Secure your APIs using Bearer Tokens, HMAC, JWT, Multi Chained Authentication, OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect – simply apply a Tyk security policy, which incorporates several security options that you can apply to an API key.

Monitoring and analytics

Use Tyk’s Dashboard Debugger for monitoring, analytics and debugging to test efficiently and quickly iron out any bugs. 

Simple versioning

Easily version your APIs, whether through versioning natively or using OpenAPI Spec versioning for compliance with open standards.


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Embrace open standards

Easily and quickly create APIs that comply with open standards.


  Enjoy peace of mind

Implement robust security with just a through clicks through the user-friendly Tyk Dashboard.


  Test efficiently

For self-managed Tyk installations, our Dashboard Debugger ensures everything is working as it should be and catches bugs early.