API management for multi-region deployment.

Be wherever your users are.

Deploy your APIs through gateways deployed in every location you need, on every cloud you prefer.

All managed from a single dashboard.

At Tyk, we don’t believe that complexity rules out efficiency. Do you use different vendors for different regions? Are you obliged to manage data in different ways in different regions, to comply with local requirements? Do you need a lightweight, highly performant solution that just flows around everything and knits it all together?

You can achieve all of this rapidly and easily with Tyk.

Discover for yourself.

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“The Tyk setup was pretty straightforward and it kind of just works out-of-the-box. We had every component packaged in helm charts, which made installation as simple as running a few commands.”


Rohit Srivastava, Senior Engineering Manager, MiQ


Read about Tyk in action as a multi-region solution

Cloud native, multi-region by default

The unique Tyk architecture doesn’t rely on an underlying proxy. That means it’s infinitely scalable, horizontally and vertically.

Our hosting locations ensure optimal performance and reliability:

  • aws-ap-southeast-1, Singapore
  • aws-ap-southeast-2, Australia
  • aws-eu-central-1, Frankfurt, Germany
  • aws-eu-west-2, London, UK
  • aws-us-east-1, N. Virginia, USA
  • aws-us-west-2, Oregon, USA

However, the true power is in your hands; effortlessly deploy gateways in any additional regions or locations, and on any cloud provider you prefer, to deliver services to your local users with just a few clicks.

Choose to manage deployment yourself or use Tyk Cloud to do it for you. Easily manage all clusters from a single control plane. Each cluster can operate and scale independently, providing local performance and data security – even during a network partition.

Tyk provides global scale and centralised governance for agile control wherever you deploy.

Delivering local performance and data security, at a global scale

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“As the Tyk solution is fully integrated into our systems, we now have absolute stability and no more management headaches. It is also easy for us to introduce features within the traffic, meaning the system is scalable and capable of working across the multiple different regions we operate in.”

“In total, the Tyk solution provided significant cost savings for Hotelbeds for the first year into production, while delivering a superior service, with quicker time to go live for new APIs and the ability to migrate any kind of traffic.”

Carlos Bautista San Miguel, head of product management, Hotelbeds


Hotelbeds, the world’s largest bedbank, is showcasing how well Tyk’s multi-region deployment can work.

Switching to Tyk’s solution has enabled the company to produce new APIs faster and scale more flexibly.

With Tyk, Hotelbeds is federating its API configurations, sharing information in a decentralised manner while distributing its traffic across numerous cloud regions. The result is superb interoperability and significantly reduced latency.


Scale every region as you need

Use the Tyk control plane to keep configurations, with an ultra-light deployment for each region. Forget weighty, full-blown deployments with duplication and multi-region databases – we allow you to do it all through code instead, for ultimate performance.

No vendor lock-ins or set patterns

We don’t dictate how you should build your stack or who you should work with. Our vendor agnostic solution means you can empower your developers to use any cloud they choose. Lift and shift sinuously to meet your business needs.

Customisable data management

With Tyk, you can keep data in every region in line with local requirements. Simply configure Tyk to manage your data and you’re able to comply with differing regulations in different countries. Simple, clear data management for international enterprises.

Superb resilience, low latency

If AWS goes down, just use Google. If one data centre goes down, there’s a failover to another. Build resilience in at the core, reduce risk, avoid lock-in, maximise performance and resilience for no additional cost.

API gateway for multi-region needs

When it comes to APIM for multi-region setups, Tyk is a true leader. We understand that change is constant, so we’ve built that into our solution. It doesn’t matter which regions you’re in or which vendors you use – we deliver low latency, resilience and control.

Our product is cost-effective to provision and maintain across multiple clouds and multiple regions. It delivers low latency, as you’re close to your users – you can be wherever they are.

With Tyk, you can go multi-region fast. Our open source API Gateway is not some mini-gateway, limited version of another product. We have one and only one version of Tyk gateway and it’s a fully featured open source gateway used by paying clients and open source users.

When you run a cluster of gateways in your region, you can choose to keep the generated analytics local by sending them to a local data sink of your choice and avoiding the traffic cost of shipping data to another region.

Oh, and did we mention that we’re Kubernetes native?
Simply use these Helm charts to install Tyk.

Always available, all the time

You don’t need to be at the mercy of others when it comes to resilience. With Tyk, you can achieve your inter-cloud and multi-cloud needs swiftly and easily. Our ‘lift and shift’ approach provides the flexibility you need.

Tyk Cloud is a hosted option for our multi-region offering, meaning that you don’t have to manage everything on your own. Tyk delivers outstanding value through a fully multi-region solution, without the hassle of an on-premise product.

In need of a hybrid model instead? We can deliver partial hosting on your side to allow you to run traffic locally. Slick and easy to achieve, it’s the ideal solution for hybrid requirements.

Set up your control plane

Set up your gateway to connect to the control plane