Tyk Self-Managed

Take full control of your REST and GraphQL APIs with Tyk Self-Managed.

Be in total control

Tyk Self-Managed is the cloud native API management platform for when you want total control, flexibility and scalability for your REST and GraphQL APIs.

Tyk is fully compatible with your infrastructure, giving you complete data compliance and security with no lock-in

You can easily deploy via Docker, Linux Packages, Kubernetes Helm Charts, Chef or Puppet, and even AWS Marketplace.

You are the experts of your business, so we’re here to support your plans, not change them. Tyk Self-Managed fits in with your needs, not the other way round.

Try before you install? Tyk Cloud instantly deploys the entire Tyk Self-Managed stack into the cloud, so you can try all the features of Tyk Self-Managed without any installation at all. Get a free trial today.

Install anywhere

You can install the entire Tyk API management platform – Tyk API Dashboard, Designer, Analytics and Developer Portal – into AWS, Google Cloud, your own air gapped private data centers and even on your laptop.

Tyk is the leading cloud-native solution, so you can use whatever you want to deploy and orchestrate it: bare metal, AWS AMI, Docker, Kubernetes. Tyk is a microservice product to manage microservices, horizontally and vertically scalable, and designed for the multi-platform future.

If you use a bespoke authentication mechanism or have a unique metering and billing platform, you can integrate it with Tyk’s API Gateway plugins. Extend Tyk  in Python, JavaScript and Go, or use gRPC and write in Java, C or whatever your team prefers.

Secure and dependable

Tyk’s Self-Managed is exactly what it says it is: fully self-managed. Deployed entirely into your infrastructure with no connection to our servers, you can be sure that you have complete control.

Whether you are in healthcare and require HIPAA compliance, or fintech and need full auditability as part of PCI compliance, we have you covered.

Tyk is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations, operating in highly-regulated industries, to deliver mission critical services. From emergency responders to getting the latest Premier League football streaming in Thailand, Tyk helps you deliver reliable APIs.

Fair and transparent pricing

Tyk Self-Managed is priced according to the scale of your environments, not the size of your team.

No hidden costs, no restrictions on number of users, APIs, requests or analytics retention. The entire platform is hosted on your own servers, under your full control.

Dedicated support included

We don’t do typical ‘first line’ support. All Enterprise licenses include unlimited support tickets and emails, handled by our own in-house engineers.

For Enterprise customers and mission critical applications, where there may be a need to talk to an engineer immediately at any given moment, you can upgrade to a full 24/7, 365-day phone support package. View our Support pages for more details.


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