Multi-cloud and hybrid API management

Powerful, flexible API management for multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Complex environment? No problem.

Tyk’s flexible and scalable multi-cloud API management solution enables you to control multiple API gateways across several cloud providers and their respective regions, all through a single dashboard. Make use of compute, storage, cloud-based assets, software and applications from multiple cloud providers in a single heterogeneous architecture.

Our hybrid offering lets you manage your gateways while we manage the dashboard. You can mix on-premises infrastructure with private and public cloud services securely and easily, giving you ultimate flexibility and removing some of your infrastructure burden. With Tyk’s simple hybrid solution, you can manage multiple environments with ease.

We’ll manage the control plane too, which includes your dashboard, your source of truth Redis and Mongo for each of your environments. With all of your edge gateways being ephemeral, you can rest easy without having to worry about managing and persisting your API’s data or managing a MongoDB instance.

Whether you’re operating a multi-cloud environment or a hybrid setup, we provide the high availability and key features that will enable you to operate efficiently and effectively. 

From our no-code, next-gen Universal Data Graph, which allows you to integrate your existing services into a single GraphQL endpoint, to our Kubernetes-native Tyk Operator, we put powerful tools in your hands.

Tyk’s API management solution for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments is highly secure and fully featured. Why not try it out for free today? 

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Orchestrate which APIs go where

Tyk allows you to choose on which gateways/regions your APIs are loaded, while managing those APIs from the same dashboard.

Deploy closer

Use the multi-cloud/hybrid model to deploy edge gateways closer to your customers and your servers. Goodbye, latency! 

Forgo duplication

Just because you need to publish your APIs to different regions doesn mean you need to duplicate them.

Manage your APIs from a single dashboard to allow your code to stay true to a single source and decrease complexity.

Make your API gateway solution work for you – not the other way around

We’re all busy people. So why over-complicate things?

With Tyk, you can bring formidable control to your API management without adding a load of bloated systems on top of your architecture. Lightweight and highly performant, our platform wraps around your existing infrastructure without you needing to change anything.

The result? Flexible, powerful API management that can be deployed across multiple data centres, with auto-scaling and a single dashboard for granular control.

Highly performant

Blistering performance and a solution that allows your developers to build faster. What could be better?

Flexible and powerful

Scale vertically, horizontally and infinitely with our lightweight API management platform. How would you like to grow today?

Open source

Cloud-native and open source, Tyk has a thriving community and a transparent approach. Is it time you found out more?