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Looking to build or improve upon a successful API programme? We have a number of resources for you including whitepapers, litepapers, videos and more.

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5 steps to API strategy success

Learn how to deliver a successful API programme, whatever stage you’re at, with our free whitepaper written by API expert, James Higginbotham.

We’ve got you covered. In this exclusive whitepaper, you’ll learn to:

  1. Define your API Strategy
  2. Create organisational alignment
  3. Manage your API programme
  4. Focus on API adoption
  5. Accelerate your API programme
  6. Get started with your API strategy

It’s 32 pages full of practical tips to help guide you through a successful API programme.


5 steps to API strategy

Want the quick and dirty version of the James Higginbotham whitepaper? Download our litepaper for managing your API strategy, with all the resources you need on one page!


Approaching your API strategy

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Tired of reading today? Well, Tyk’s own, Jonathan Bernal gives a presentation for API Days Jakarta on Approaching your API Strategy, that’s packed full of great information.

APIs exist at the intersection of business, product and technology. It is no longer enough to leave your API strategy to your technology leaders – it requires a holistic approach across the entire organisation.

Our goal is to create a clearly defined strategy, a clear path for developers to get started quickly, and increase API adoption. Let’s examine the key disciplines and guiding principles that lead to a successful API programme.

Take a look.

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Tyk is a leading Open Source API Gateway and Management Platform, featuring an API gateway, analytics, developer portal and dashboard.

We power millions of transactions per day, for thousands of innovative organisations including AXA, Cisco, Starbucks, and the Financial Times.

Fast, flexible, and highly-performant, Tyk is available to install on-premises, as a cloud/multi-cloud service, or hybrid. Find out more.

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