Tyk vs Microsoft Azure – evaluating API management alternatives

Are you weighing up the pros and cons of Tyk versus Microsoft Azure? If so, there’s plenty to consider.

Let us show you what we mean.

When it comes to Tyk versus Azure, we believe Tyk provides more of what you need. Much more.


Feature Tyk Azure
Full APIM solution Yes – full solution with single pane for operations Yes – full solution with single pane for operations
Full on-premises Yes – control plane and management plane is on-premises No – management plane resides in Azure
Extensibility requirement Wide developer choices:
Python, Golang, Javascript, Lua, Ruby, C#
Self-hosted Operational skill requirement Flexible skill set
VM or containers
Docker/Kubernetes expertise required
Support for enterprise Yes, from basic to premium Yes, from basic to premium
Ease of adoption Easy with UI
Documentation available
Easy due to UI
Documentation available
Operational continuity of self-hosted gateways Gateway will have full functionality even if control plane is disconnected “On-prem gateway will retain functionality based on last backed up configuration. If there are no backups, stopped gateway will not be able to start
Backups require additional container volume backup solution”
API management user interface Included Included
Developer portal Included Included
Self-hosted Deployment types Flexible
VM / Docker / Kubernetes / OS package manager
Container only
Docker / Kubernetes
Scaling ability Yes
Unlimited scaling
Additional units need to be purchased for scaling beyond
Behaviour on license expiry Continues to fully function Needs continued subscription
Support Silver tier included
Additional tier available based on coverage and SLA
Basic only
Additional tiers available based on coverage and SLA

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01. Ultimate control

Full on-premises solution even at basic tier
Full on-premises only in most premium tier

When you need an on-premises solution that gives you full control, it’s time for Tyk. With Tyk, your control plane and management plane are on-premises – everything is in your hands.

This is ideal if you work in a highly regulated industry and have compliance and regulatory standards to meet. Tyk gives you the tools and capabilities to achieve what you need.

02. A wide talent pool

Accommodates flexible skillsets
Requires Docker/Kubernetes expertise

Why should you add the expense of recruiting and training a whole new team, just because you want an outstanding API management solution?

Tyk’s intuitive, easy-to-use API gateway can be deployed on either virtual machines or containers and managed by a team with a flexible skillset. You don’t need specific Docker or Kubernetes experience, despite Tyk working beautifully with both.

This means you can adopt Tyk while sticking with your existing team. And for future hires, you can recruit developers from a wider talent pool, as you’re not limited to those with specific skillsets. So you can keep your finance and HR teams happy all at once.

03. Keep on keeping on

Fully functioning gateway, even if control plane is disconnected or licence expires
On-premises gateway won’t restart if disconnected from Azure control plane for extended period. If gateway is stopped/crashed, it can’t be restarted

Life delivers plenty of unexpected twists and turns. This means that, at times, you may find your control plane disconnects or you’re dealing with an expired licence.

With Tyk, a disconnected control plane or licence expiry doesn’t spell disaster. Your API gateway will continue to function.

The result? Operational continuity for your business and clients and peace of mind for you.

04. Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options
Container only (Docker/Kubernetes)

Tyk isn’t here to tell you how to run your business or dictate your software architecture requirements. We’re here to work with your needs.

Need to deploy on virtual machines? No problem. Prefer to deploy on Docker or Kubernetes? That’s fine with us.

Tyk delivers the flexibility and customizability to deliver what you need, not to dictate it.

05. Built-in value

Holistic out of the box solution with no commercial impact when scaling
Additional commercial impact when scaling

Tyk isn’t here to provide a basic product with all the features you need hidden behind paywalls. Our “batteries included” approach means you can enjoy a fully featured API management solution straight out of the box.

We’ve built heaps of value into our API gateway, delivering an affordable solution rather than something that becomes an open-ended cheque as your usage increases. So you can enjoy predictable, forecastable expenditure no matter how much or how fast you scale your business.

06. Easy extensibility

Wide developer choices
.NET developers

Would you like us to tell you which developers you may or may not hire? No? Ok!

With Tyk, you have a wide choice of extensibility options. Python, Golang, JavaScript, Lua, Ruby, C#… it’s up to you.

Thank you for reading this article. We welcome any comments or feedback. If you’d like to reach out to us, please contact [email protected]

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