Tyk Cloud. API management for cloud services.

Flexible API lifecycle management.
Global API infrastructure with zero management headaches.

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Tyk cloud is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, secure, publish and maintain APIs at any scale, anywhere in the world

What is Tyk Cloud?

A fully managed cloud API management solution that is powerful, flexible and highly scalable.

Includes everything you need to manage your global API ecosystem:

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Why global infrastructure matters

Tyk Cloud provides global API infrastructure, where and when you need it. It spans 6 launched availability zones (2 x US, UK, Germany, Singapore & Australia) with other regions planned.

  • Deploy APIs closer to your end users
  • Improve service availability and performance
  • Scale API products/ services to another region easily
  • Increase security & reliability
  • Compliance – meet multi-regional regulations

The most secure, extensive and reliable global full lifecycle, API management infrastructure for all your APIs.

Flexible deployment options

Choose from various deployment options which can suit organisations of different sizes and complexity.

You can run and operate APIM in our cloud environment or manage your deployments in your chosen cloud provider and region, in whichever region you like.

Global Cloud deployment

Our hosting locations ensure optimal performance and reliability:

  • aws-ap-southeast-1, Singapore
  • aws-ap-southeast-2, Australia
  • aws-eu-central-1, Frankfurt, Germany
  • aws-eu-west-2, London, UK
  • aws-us-east-1, N. Virginia, USA
  • aws-us-west-2, Oregon, USA

The granular configuration that you would expect from a self-managed solution without the infrastructure management headaches.

Hybrid deployment

For those with complex needs, including compliance requirements, Tyk offers a flexible and scalable multi-cloud hybrid solution.

Tyk Cloud Hybrid dramatically eases the burden of deploying and maintaining APIs, finding the right balance between the accessibility and low cost of cloud management platforms with the compliance and control of on-premises solutions.

The true power is in your hands; effortlessly deploy gateways in any additional regions or locations, and on any cloud provider you prefer, to deliver services to your local users with just a few clicks.

Simple plans that are easy to scale

There are a number of ways to use Tyk Cloud from our startup friendly free plan to enterprise scale power and flexibility.

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Best for single teams with low traffic, mostly small businesses. Best for single teams with high traffic. Best for global organisations with multiple teams. Best for large, global organisations with custom needs.
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For a full feature breakdown, simply compare plans or find out more in our developer docs.

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“Tyk has enabled us to bring our external, third-party-facing API proxy and developer portal to market much more quickly and efficiently than if we had built it ourselves. This has allowed us to move more quickly than our competitors, meet partner needs and delight partners, all without having to staff up or take months of development.”
Joe Emison Cofounder and CTO of Branch