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Looking to learn more about or improve on managing GraphQL endpoints? We have a number of resources for you, including litepapers, videos and more.

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All hail the Universal Data Graph!

The easiest ways to get started with GraphQL & Tyk

The release of Tyk’s Universal Data Graph has been one major highlight of our year. Why? Because the technology has fundamentally changed the way we think. Whether we’re implementing GraphQL or exposing a company’s data through a single graph, the Tyk UDG provides a slick and easy solution. No new code, no new infrastructure, just bags of new potential.

Read our most recent litepaper to dive into when it makes sense to use Tyk’s Universal Data Graph and the solutions to common issues when implementing GraphQL.

It’s 10 pages full of practical tips to help guide you through implementing GraphQL.

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Getting started on GraphQL

Do you have existing GraphQL services that you need to manage? Are you looking to get started with GraphQL based on your RESTful services? Great news! We can help you with both of these use cases using Tyk’s newest GraphQL features.

We host a monthly live webinar on getting started with GraphQL, but if you haven’t had a chance to check out the live version, look at the on-demand video recording.

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