Tyk offers affordable, cloud-native API Management, installed on your own servers, the public cloud, or as a multi-cloud SaaS.


Your selected plan comes with limited throughput per month.

Overages allow your consumption to go over the monthly limit, which can be an easy way to deal with for example seasonal or unexpected spikes in traffic.

The overage level will be automatically charged based on your throughput on a monthly basis.


Entitlement$1,800 Overage 1$2,700 Overage 2$3,240 Overage 3$3,780 Overage 4$4,320
Calls (at 10kb) 15m 18.75m 22.5m 26.5m 30m
Throughput 150gb 187.5gb 225gb 262.5gb 300gb


Entitlement$3,800 Overage 1$5,700 Overage 2$6,840 Overage 3$7,980 Overage 4$9,120
Calls (at 10kb) 100m 125m 150m 175m 200m
Throughput 1tb 1.25tb 1.5tb 1.75tb 2tb


Entitlement$6,800 Overage 1$10,200 Overage 2$12,240 Overage 3$14,280 Overage 4$16,320
Calls (at 10kb) 1b 1.25b 1.5b 1.75b 2tb
Throughput 10tb 12.5tb 15tb 17.5tb 20tb

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