Tyk pricing

Tyk offers affordable, cloud-native API Management, installed on your own servers, the public cloud, or as a multi-cloud SaaS.

  • Self-managed

    Our Full Life Cycle Management API dashboard, portal and analytics, installed on your own servers or public clouds.

    All on-premises plans come with unlimited API calls and requests, unlimited rolling analytics and unlimited developer accounts.

    PoC Licence

    A one-month licence, giving full-access so that you can run a Proof of Concept.


    Get Started

    • REST & GraphQL
    • Dashboard, portal and analytics
    • Manage a cluster of Gateways
    • Full access to all features
    • 1 month duration, without charge

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  • SaaS

    Fully hosted by Tyk or deploy across multiple clouds, AWS, Google, Heroku, or your own datacentres, using one management layer.

    Tyk SaaS is trusted by startups, government and highly-regulated enterprises alike. Get started instantly, benefit from Cloud / Hybrid / Multi-cloud architecture and focus on your API, not your infrastructure.

    PoC Plan

    Everything you need to run a successful Proof of Concept


    Get Started

    • Instant, full access
    • REST & GraphQL
    • 1,000 API calls per day
    • 10 requests per second
    • 50 developer accounts
    • 7 days’ rolling analytics
    • No credit card required

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    Pro Plan

    Increased performance and helpdesk access to get your API programme started

    $450 per month

    Get Started

    • Instant access
    • REST & GraphQL
    • 50,000 API calls per day
    • 100 requests per second
    • 500 developer accounts
    • 7 days’ rolling analytics
    • Full, multicloud capability
    • 99.5% availability SLA
    • Helpdesk support

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    Pro+ Plan

    Start to scale and move into production with HTTPS, Custom URL's, etc

    $900 per month

    Get Started

    • Instant access
    • REST & GraphQL
    • 1m API calls per day
    • 500 requests per second
    • 2000 developer accounts
    • 30 days’ rolling analytics
    • Full, multicloud capability
    • Upgraded 99.9% availability SLA
    • Helpdesk support
    • Custom CNAME
    • HTTPS Certificate
    • First 30 days free, no credit card needed

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  • Enterprise

    Cloud native API Management, designed for the most demanding applications and organisations around the world

    Tyk Enterprise powers web-scale, highly complex API projects around the world, using the latest infrastructure. Our solutions are ISO27001, PCI, and HIPAA-approved.

    Cloud Native

    We built our technology to be cloud native from the ground-up - let us help you do the same

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    • Unlimited autoscaling
    • Support for Kubernetes and Docker
    • Automate and integrate everything
    • Cut us, we bleed multi-cloud

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    Enterprise SaaS

    Unlimited scale per environment, providing added capacity and resilience. Ideal for containers and auto-scaling

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    • Larger traffic requirements
    • More 9s on your SLA
    • PCI, HIPAA and ISO compliance
    • Private cloud

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    Multi-Data Centre

    The original and best Multi-Cloud API Platform, used by hundreds of enterprises globally

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    • Central management layer
    • Synchronised global deployments
    • Highest levels of resilience
    • Multi-region, multi-cloud

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Out of the box

Tyk offers and API Management Platform with an API Gateway, API Analytics, Developer Portal and API Management Dashboard. Tyk can be installed on your own server, the public cloud, or as a multi-cloud SaaS.

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