Make informed decisions on your APIs with API analytics

View everything out of the box or export it to your favorite data visualization tools

Tyk provides you with all the API analytics you need.

View your data through the Tyk Dashboard, or export it to any business intelligence (BI) tool with Tyk Pump. With the right data to hand, you have the power to make the right decisions.

Make informed decisions with Tyk’s API analytics.

Powering global business decisions

Companies across the globe rely on Tyk’s API analytics platform to make strategic business decisions. Should your enterprise be doing the same?


Access analytics based on every single API call

Collect API analytics based on your API requests and responses. Track success, failures, latencies and trends. Include every stage of the API journey, so that you can identify and fix potential problem areas. 

Analytics also enables you to track user adoption and the stickiness of your APIs with your users.

Enjoy a simple overview of your data

Tyk’s user-friendly Dashboard allows you to see different kinds of requests, identify your most popular APIs, spot any API errors and more, all through one simple interface.

Export your data quickly and easily

When it’s time to dive deep into your data, you can use the Tyk Pump to send it wherever you need it to be, quickly, easily and securely.

Understand your data

API monitoring can save your business a lot of money by driving the right decisions. It can also make your business money while saving you time with proactive effort and a bird’s eye view of problematic areas. Everybody wins.

Understanding what your customers are doing means you can forecast reliably. Understanding your product usage means you can glean insights about how and where to invest in the business.

Accessing your analytics is the foundation of this. That’s why it’s a core part of Tyk.

Find out how your organisation can also benefit from Tyk’s Full API lifecycle management.

Take control – with the Tyk Pump

Combine the Tyk API Analytics Dashboard with Tyk Pump for ultimate control

Take a top-level overview for at-a-glance insights

Use the Dashboard to see what’s going on in real-time and identify any errors with API Analytics.

Export your data to a range of business intelligence tools

Make your data work for you by exporting API Analytics easily and efficiently to the data sink of your choice.

Take a flexible approach to accessing your data

Most major data sinks have written their own integrations for working with Tyk.

API monitoring tools that make your data work for you

With Tyk, you can collect data on your API calls and responses, export that data and use it to inform your business and investment decisions.

The Tyk Dashboard acts as your top-level overview, allowing you to see different kinds of requests, keys used and frequency, understand which are your most popular APIs and identify any errors.

Then, you can use our open source Tyk Pump tool to move your data to different business intelligence tools, for a fully expanded view of it. We support numerous data sinks, including:

MongoDB (to replace built-in purging), CSV, ElasticSearch (2.0+), Graylog, InfluxDB, Moesif, Splunk, StatsD, DogStatsD, Hybrid (Tyk RPC), Prometheus, and Kafka.

Because Tyk Pump is open source, you can see the code and what’s happening with 100% clarity. You can write your own integrations to other data sinks.

You have the flexibility to achieve what you need to.

Tyk Pump is easy to set up and configure when you’re ready to start growing your business based on your new knowledge.

Simple. Straightforward. Effective.