Design valuable APIs products

You want to design a high-quality, usable and user-friendly API product. One that’s easy to integrate, secure, scalable and solves users’ problems. Excellent. But how do you do that when time is slipping away, your workload is growing and your budget is running out?

The right tools can help. So can the right API platform.

With Tyk, you can bring efficiency, speed and security to the design process, across your entire API ecosystem.


Why is it hard to design valuable APIs products?

Good API product design starts with two things: knowledge and design guidelines. Knowledge of how your APIproduct will solve a problem and design guidelines to ensure it will be easy to use, secure, reliable, performant and scalable. You’ll need to throw consistency and predictability into the mix too. Along with clear and up-to-date documentation, of course. 

The hard part comes in translating those design guidelines into reality. In ensuring they provide the guardrails you need while also supporting innovation in terms of APIproduct design. And in ensuring you can easily apply them to every one of your APIs products, so that you deliver value each and every time.

In practical terms, you’ll need decent documentation, consistent design, easy versioning to ensure backward compatibility, well-implemented authentication and consumption plans that reflect your business model. And let’s not forget clear, informative error handling. All of which needs to be designed to meet your data privacy and compliance obligations. 

Don’t panic. Help is at hand…


How does Tyk solve those problems?

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Use Tyk’s API Designer to create or import APIs. Apply policies at API and granular level for outstanding control and use our dashboard GUI to design and implement APIs fast – have a URL for testing in under a minute. 

Create innovative APIs products that are reliable, performant, scalable and secure. All with great documentation to aid easy adoption. 

Easily implement robust authentication, security, rate limiting and quotas, to version your APIs without breaking existing integrations and to handle errors gracefully.

Collaborate easily with rich and flexible user management capabilities – API ownership, SSO integration, role-based access control, multi-tenant environments and more – for seamless cross-team working.


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution


Centralised standards

From caching mechanisms to security policies, Tyk makes it easy to put guardrails in place.


Easy collaboration

Get greater value from your work by encouraging collaboration across teams.


Efficient evolution

Drive adoption of your APIs products forward with extensive data-driven insights into usage, performance and more.