Analyse value and optimise your APIs products

When you understand how your APIs products are being used, you’re in a powerful position to drive further value and revenue. 

Tyk gives you that power. From analytics within Tyk Dashboard to Tyk Pump for exporting data to your favourite business intelligence tools, we ensure you can see the metrics you need.

Understand and demonstrate the value of your APIproduct to take the guesswork out of optimisation. 

Achieve more with Tyk.


What are the problems related to analysing value and optimising APIs products?


The work doesn’t stop as soon as you launch your APIs products. The moment they’re out in the world, you need to see what’s going on. How are people using your APIsproducts? Which features are they using most? Are they getting stuck at any point during the adoption journey and walking away?

You can’t optimise your APIs products and the customer experience they deliver unless you know all of this – and much more. That means you need to be analysing the right operational and business metrics. Only then can you optimise, maximise value and drive innovation

It’s time to start crunching some numbers…


How Tyk helps

Impactful APIs

Demonstrate the impact of your APIs and understand changes you could make to drive further value and revenue through optimisation.

Analytics and reporting

Use Tyk Dashboard and Tyk Pump to gather data for analytics and value reporting, including extracting data to your chosen business intelligence tools. Report against a range of metrics for a deep understanding of your APIs’products’ usage and monetisation potential. 

Monitoring and optimisation

Comprehensive performance monitoring and optimisation capabilities – observe the health of your APIs to support a top-notch consumer experience.

Version and evolve

Our solution also makes it easy for you to version your APIs products to help you evolve and optimise the products you’ve launched. 


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Analyse your data your way

See your data within Tyk Dashboard or export it to the analytics tool of your choice with Tyk Pump.


  Understand your consumers

Gather data to analyse the metrics that matter most to you and understand how consumers are using your APIs products.


  Optimise your API products

Everything you need to optimise your way to greater revenue, from powerful observability to seamless versioning.