API governance & auditing

Complex problems, for complex organisations, made simple

Tyk enables vast enterprises with complex governance and API audit concerns to operate without friction

Delegate access and autonomy to multiple teams and stakeholders whilst retaining centralised governance. Ensure your APIs and data respect national data-sovereignty requirements.

Integrate into CI/CD pipelines, use SSO/RBAC, implement an internal developer portal and documentation. Enable your teams whilst enforcing standards.

Use Tyk’s Open Policy Agent to achieve fine-grained control over policy deployment at API, user and key level.

We provide the tools, so you can achieve your goals.

Supporting businesses across the globe

Complex international enterprises operate smoothly with Tyk.

Fine-grained control at your fingertips

With Tyk’s Open Policy Agent, you can enable system users to use our Gateway as a policy enforcement point. We give you the cross-region, fine-grained control you need, with granular operations around SSO and RBAC.

Capable – regardless of your size

Tyk’s array of tools, logs and analytics gives you the capability to fulfil your governance and API auditing aims, no matter how large or complex your infrastructure may be.

Built for global APIs

Tyk Cloud is data sovereignty aware. Shard your data to respect local laws, whether GDPR, ICO, CloudAct or anything else. Enable local transactions, but control and deploy centrally with ease.

Secure, flexible governance and auditing

Peace of mind for your business

Tyk is trusted by some of the world’s best-known banks, investment firms and healthcare providers. Because we are open source, Tyk’s products are fully auditable and under the complete control of your business.

  • No ‘black box’ to install
  • Complete surety of supply chain through signed packages
  • Ultimate transparency

Tyk is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Whether you need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or deliver Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, Tyk’s transparency and audit functionality make us the straightforward choice.


Enterprise-grade features

Tyk puts capability firmly in your hands with our customisable, extensible and highly configurable features

PCI and HIPAA compliant

The security and auditing of your enterprise are of paramount importance. You can rely on Tyk to deliver what you need.

ISO 27001

Our information security management system supports a robust approach to governance and auditing at every level.

Multi-team capabilities

Delegate access rights to teams and individuals to ensure a clear and comprehensive approach to monitoring access rights.


We securely manage data, protecting the interests of the organisations and the privacy of our customers at all times.

Use Tyk to achieve your governance and auditing goals

Highly regulated organisations are drawn to Tyk. We enable the most security-conscious of organisations to design, secure, control and manage their APIs, all with complete control and the ability to audit everything fully.

We provide audit trails over all of Tyk’s activity, as well as a host of security features that enable you to securely control access as part of a PCI or HIPAA compliant platform.

With Tyk, you can delegate access rights to multiple teams and individuals, with simple integration with SSO and RBAC to seamlessly complement your existing setup.

You can view and manage all of your API infrastructure globally, with full audit, analytics and logging that you can rely on.

Manage one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, achieve fine-grained control, facilitate bring your own policy, use the Gateway as a PEP and more – whatever you need, Tyk delivers an outstanding degree of control.

Governance and auditing requirements differ significantly from one organisation to the next. From the spec of our cloud environment (mil spec 5) to penetration testing to integrating with your logging method of choice, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.