No-code GraphQL with Universal Data Graph

Leverage the power of GraphQL

Would you like to ensure that the data you need is always available?

And that it’s exposed in a usable and optimal way?

Tyk Universal Data Graph is a next-gen solution for integrating your existing services into a single, GraphQL-enabled endpoint. It’s a powerful solution born of a simple concept. 

Stitch together all of your disparate data, from multiple sources, easily and securely into a single API using the Tyk GUI. With Universal Data Graph, your entire organisation becomes an API – all with no new code, services or infrastructure.

Discover the power of Tyk Universal Data Graph, or you can find out more directly on a demo from one of our engineers.

Security, reliability and scalability for global enterprises

Businesses across the globe trust Tyk to help them operate more efficiently. Businesses like these:

No-code creation of new GraphQL services

With Tyk Universal Data Graph, you can enable new services through the Tyk Dashboard or through configuration. You can skip the entire learning curve of having to build new GraphQL services and deploying them.

No new services required

You can use our Universal Data Graph with your existing services. You won’t need new services or to introduce sweeping changes for your customers. Want to try something new? No problem! Try, test and roll back with your underlying infrastructure still firmly in place.

Create GraphQL APIs in minutes

Tyk Universal Data Graph’s plug-n-play approach means that you can create your first, fully functional GraphQL API in just minutes.

Unite your technologies

Are you already using Hasura or Apollo? How about Dgraph or TigerGraph?

With Tyk Universal Data Graph, you can unite them all.

We don’t aim to replace these services, we just want you to get more out of them. With Tyk’s revolutionary solution, you can use a bunch of different technologies to create your GraphQL endpoints and stitch them all together. Those technologies become your data sources, with Universal Data Graph sitting on top providing control, security and governance.

Tyk can replace your existing GraphQL gateway and secure your APIs all in one go. We bring the enterprise-grade armour you need to make the most of GraphQL, while our Universal Data Graph makes stitching your data sources together simplicity itself.

Watch Tyk Universal Data Graph in action