The API product management newsletter #001 – 25 April 2023

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💡The good stuff: This week’s API product management links:


What’s the difference between an API product manager and a Product Manager?

Abhijit Dey on how the API product manager’s role differs from a broader product manager. Great overview of some of the skillsets needed to help your API programme or product really sing.

Low-Code/No-Code and APIs: Make the most out of your API Landscape

Erik Wilde’s YouTube channel is full of gems and this interview with Shubham Sharma is no different. When combined with APIs low-code + no-code tools can accelerate your plans, especially for less technical product managers. This video provides a nice overview of the two big classes of tools out there, along with some examples.

WTF is API product management?

We love a provocative title at Tyk but the article has to deliver too! Luckily, this one from Mike Amundsen does indeed, providing a great primer of the seven key aspects of successful API product management.


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