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  • What is it: The top 3 most useful resources we’ve come across in the last two weeks, upcoming events, an exciting quiz corner, and an insightful expert’s corner
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💡 Highlights: Insightful links for API platform teams


Platform Engineering: What Is It and Who Does It?

“Platform engineering is a new field that has arisen to meet the growing complexity of distributed software development.”

Steven Lohrenz

Principal Consultant, Advanced Technology Group

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! In this article, Steven Lohrenz takes us back to basics, reviewing the goal and uses of platform engineering before diving into its principles, benefits, and challenges.


The future of Ops is platform engineering

“A lot of flame bait has been dropped about how platform engineering means that DEVOPS IS DEAD!#@!  That’s just stupid!”

Charity Majors

CTO, Honeycombers

Got a coffee and 15 minutes to spare? Then settle in to watch Honeycomb CTO Charity Majors explain why the future of ops is platform engineering and how this opens the door to greater developer velocity.


Shifting left is for suckers. Shift down instead

“Optimization begins with reducing the cognitive load on developers, and removing unnecessary obligations that distract them from innovating”

Richard Seroter

Director of Outbound Strategy & Engagement, Google

The growth of platform engineering has stirred up some strong opinions. Here, Google Cloud’s Director of Outbound Strategy and Engagement Richard Seroter explains why we should be shifting down instead of shifting left, pushing workloads back down onto the platforms we’re already using.


🗓️ Upcoming events: A chance to learn and connect


Kubernetes Community Days, Munich 2023

Date: July 17-18, 2023

Time: 9 AM CEST

Location: Smartvillage Bogenhausen, Rosenkavalierpl. 13

Munich, 81925


Build multi-region resilient applications emphasizing chaos engineering

Date: July 27, 2023

Time: 3 PM EDT

Speaker: Teja Swaroop Mylavarapu,
Lead Software Engg. at CapitalOne

Location: Online


🍺 Quiz corner: Test your API Platforms knowledge


Question: In the world of platform engineering, what does IDP stand for?

  1. Internal Deployment Platform
  2. Identity Development Portal
  3. Internal Developer Platform

Submit your answer now!


🎓 Expert’s Corner

An AMA with Sonja Chevre

Have any burning questions regarding Platform Engineering and/or APIs?

Send them our way and have them answered by Sonja Chevre, Group Product Manager specialising in Platforms and Observability at Tyk.

Ask Sonja here!


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