Tyk versus Kong versus Azure versus Apigee – the ultimate comparison

Which API management platform should you use?

How do they compare in terms of features, support, reliability and general all-round greatness? Find out below!


Tyk Kong Azure Apigee
Full APIM solution
Fully open source gateway
Self-managed, cloud and hybrid options
Extensibility in any language
Developer portal
Native support for Kubernetes
Supports GraphQL federation natively
Programmatic enterprise-grade RBAC and ABAC
Self-serve trial for enterprise
Cloud service covers US, UK and APAC

API management platform comparison

How does Tyk stack up?


Tyk versus Kong

Our comparison of Tyk and Kong flagged up six ways that Tyk can make your life easier, including some fundamental features that we believe can make all the difference to how efficiently and effectively your business can operate. With Tyk, you can enjoy:

  • One gateway – free, forever
  • Fully featured, straight out of the box
  • No third-party tech
  • Ability to apply policies at API or global level

Tyk versus Azure

If you’re looking for a comparison of Tyk and Azure, you should find all the details you need in our review of how the two stack up. We think you get a whole heap more value with Tyk:

  • Full on-premises solution, even at basic tier
  • Multiple deployment options that can be managed by a team with a flexible skillset
  • Fully functioning gateway, even if control plane is disconnected or licence expires

Tyk versus Apigee

Our comparison of Tyk and Apigee explored everything from which is the best multi-cloud, multi-region SaaS solution to which API gateway delivers the flexibility of self-managed, cloud or hybrid options. With Tyk, you get:

  • Platform agnostic cloud deployment
  • Multi-data centre, multi-region, multi-cloud and hybrid deployments available
  • REST APIs available for all product features
  • Supports native plug-ins in Javascript, Python, Lua and Go

Tyk vs Apigee

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