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Why you need a hybrid approach to API management

Duration 60min

Tyk’s flexible and scalable multi-cloud API management solution enables you to control multiple API gateways across several cloud providers and their respective regions, all through a single dashboard.

With Tyk Hybrid, the Management layer is hosted and managed by Tyk with the gateway(s) deployed locally and managed by you with your own Data Centre, Public or Private Cloud or even on your own machine.

During this Tyk Office hours, join Sonja Chevre, Group Product manager, Jia Wu, Solutions Architect and Budha, Product Evengelist at Tyk, as we take a deeper look into Tyk’s Hybrid solution and answer frequently asked questions to help developers, product managers and business decision makers make the right choice for their product stack.

Things we will cover:

  • The benefits of a hybrid approach to API management
  • The challenges of adopting a hybrid approach
  • What is Tyk’s Hybrid solution?
  • What the technical architecture looks like
  • Pros and cons of using Tyk Hybrid from a tech/devops perspective
  • Pros and cons of using Tyk Hybrid from a sales perspective
  • Difference between Tyk Hybrid, Tyk Cloud and Tyk self managed
  • A closer looks into security and data privacy with Tyk Hybrid
  • A look at who is using Tyk Hybrid – Case study discussion