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Tyk office hours: 5 things you can do with your Tyk trial (AMER)

Duration 1h 30min

Tyk is an industry leading cloud native API experience platform powered by an open source API gateway and an intuitively designed dashboard to interact with gateway’s capabilities. Whether you are using REST APIs, GraphQL or gRPC, whether you are looking to manage your APIs locally or on our infrastructure, we have you covered!

In this edition of the Tyk office hours we will cover how to get started with your 2 week Tyk self managed trial and the 5 things you can do right away!

What we will cover:

  1. Getting started with Tyk self managed
  2. Adding a REST API to Tyk
  3. Securing your API using an Auth Token
  4. Rate limiting your API
  5. Versioning your API
  6. Creating a mock response for your API using a Tyk plugin
  7. Bonus: transforming your REST API into GraphQL using UDG

Tyk office hours are monthly webinars that provide you with an opportunity to learn more about Tyk in a demo & discussion format. The objective is get you up and running with Tyk, maximise what you can do with your trial and have all your burning questions answered by Tyk experts!