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API observability

Are you ready to transform your API observability skills from basic to extraordinary? Join us for this on-demand programme that promises to revolutionise the way you approach platform team operations and observability strategies.


Elevate your API observability skills


Programme duration On-demand
Individual session duration 30 mins
No. of sessions 10+ across two dedicated track
Platform teams, SREs, platform engineers, DevOps engineers, platform engineering managers, staff engineers
Pre-requirements: – A basic understanding of APIs
– Enthusiasm for learning about API observability concepts
Assessment 1 overall assessment


5 reasons why you need to sign up

  1. Help your teams create more efficient API platforms
  2. Rapidly reduce your dev team’s troubleshooting time on their APIs
  3. Tackle the true cause of your API issues, not just the symptoms
  4. Eliminate the ‘blame game’ between teams and vendors
  5. Unlock more value from your API products.

Programme curriculum

At the heart of LEAP lies a bold mission: to shake up the API landscape like never before. How? By shining a spotlight on observability which can help platform teams create more efficient API platforms, assist developers in troubleshooting and improving APIs, and enable product managers to extract more value from API products.

This programme covers not one, but two dynamic tracks to cater to your specific needs – decision-makers and implementers – with expert insights and hands-on learning from some of the brightest and smartest observability brains in the industry:

Decision-makers track

Implementers track

Introducing OpenTelemetry in your organisation in 3 steps
Adriana Villela (ServiceNow)

Improving your telemetry data for better observability
Iris Dyrmishi (Miro)

Panel discussion: Designing observable API platforms
Colin Griffin  (Krumware), Lorna Mitchell  (Redocly), Amod Gupta  (Traceable)

Panel discussion: Unlocking the APIOps cycle through O11y
Marjukka Niinioja (Osaango), Coen Meerbeek (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport), Tom Rowson  (Tyk)

Everything that could go wrong with GraphQL and how OTel can help
Agata Witkowska (Tyk)

DORA metrics and beyond
Ari-Pekka Koponen (Swarmia)

How to leverage API observability to meet product objectives
Derric Gilling (Moesif)

200 is not always OK
Rob Dickinson (Graylog)

Adopting observability practices – Making the case for technical teams
Hope Oluwalolope (Microsoft)

Getting started with OpenTelemetry: OTel Demo to the rescue
Juliano Costa (Datadog)

OpenTelemetry Resources: What are they, why you need them, and why they are awesome
Michele Mancioppi (Dash0)

Breaking the chain of blame: True end-to-end testing with distributed tracing
Ken Hamric (Tracetest), Oscar Reyes (Tracetest)

Demo: Troubleshooting API issues within minutes using API observability
Carlos Villanúa (Tyk)

How often should you ping?
Nočnica Mellifera (Checkly)

The efficient way of autoscaling your workload in Kubernetes using observability
Henrik Rexed (Dynatrace)

Leveraging the RED method for streamlined root cause analysis
Mayra Oyola (Grafana)

Is this for you?

Wondering who else will be taking part in the programme? They will generally fall into these key job roles:

  • Platform team members eager to upgrade their skills
  • IT professionals focusing on system observability and maintenance
  • Developers and engineers looking to streamline their deployment process
  • Tech leaders seeking to implement effective observability strategies in their organisations

20+ industry experts

The programme is led by industry professionals with extensive experience in API observabilty.

Learn by doing

Engage in real-world projects that challenge you to apply your knowledge and skills to practical scenarios.

Earn a certificate

Gain a valuable certification that can enhance your career prospects and showcase your observability expertise.

Knowledge sharing

Panel discussions, hands on demos and personal insight from the leading industry experts.

Meet your programme leads

Budha Bhattacharya is responsible for product education, community engagement, and open-source ecosystem expansion. He is the lead instructor of the API platform engineering fundamentals programmes, host of the All About APIs podcast, and the API hangout where he engages with developers and business leaders on all things APIs. In his spare time, he enjoys trying out new gadgets, learning different dance styles and watching horror movies!

Sonja Chevre leads the platform, ops and cloud product areas at Tyk. With two decades of experience in the tech industry, she previously worked in the observability field. Sonja lives in Austria and spends most of her free time trying to catch up with her two very energetic sons.


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