GraphQL Hangout – EMEA | Let’s talk about GraphQL Federation

Duration 1h

In the last couple of years, developers, startups, and enterprises alike are adopting or thinking about adopting GraphQL at a staggering rate. The passion in the GraphQL community for the technology has it spreading like wildfire and we’ve had hundreds of conversations with people from around the globe who are interested. This includes some who’ve gone all in on GraphQL implementations at their organisations, those pondering the longevity of the technology, and those who live and breath everything GraphQL. At Tyk we have valued all of these discussions as we made our own transition into GraphQL and supporting the technology in our API management platform,

Adopting any technology, including GraphQL, is not without its struggles, limitations, and hard-learned lessons. And we know it’s easier to learn together, or at least talk to each other to see how others are using it and how we might improve our own usage and adoption of GraphQL. Join Rich Johnson and Budha of Tyk as they lead discussions covering practical considerations for securing your GraphQL APIs, strategies to drive GraphQL adoption in your organization, and general conversation with others using or interested in the technology. It’s free, fun, and will become your favorite virtual meetup.

2 Goals:

  • Learn more about GraphQL
  • Have fun

1 Rule:

  • No sales or self promotion