Introduce GraphQL to your organisation

GraphQL enabled, secured and managed by Tyk

Managing and creating GraphQL services can be challenging. But it doesn’t need to be. Tyk solves many of the common pain points of making GraphQL APIs secure and production-ready, so you can start enjoying the benefits of GraphQL.

We don’t just proxy GraphQL, we support GraphQL API management, meeting all the access and security needs to properly secure your GraphQL services. With Tyk’s Universal Data Graph, you can build new GraphQL services using your existing services and data sources. This allows you to expose your data through a single GraphQL API.

All the advantages of GraphQL API management, delivered immediately with none of the risk

No new code, infrastructure or services needed. Just outstanding GraphQL API management from start to finish.

Discover the power of the Tyk Universal Data Graph

GraphQL API management made easy

Build new GraphQL services using your existing infrastructure

A simpler approach to GraphQL adoption

Say goodbye to GraphQL security concerns and developer frustrations

Tyk’s API management for GraphQL is the best way to bring security and other API management staples to your GraphQL API portfolio.

Have you been considering adopting GraphQL, but been put off by security concerns? Add the Tyk API Gateway into the picture and you can use our GraphQL API management features to fully harden your GraphQL endpoints.

Tyk provides a range of specific GraphQL features, from configurable field-based permissions to query depth limiting for GraphQL endpoints. Our aim is to enable you to create, secure and scale rapidly, without any new development.

Save time, money and headaches

Tyk’s Universal Data Graph uses your existing infrastructure. That means worries about a rollback or increased support costs are a thing of the past. You can easily revert back to your old API product/strategy if needed – we’re putting full flexibility into your hands.

Tyk’s UDG also allows new opportunities for developers. By creating a unified data graph, you can decrease complexity compared to leveraging multiple REST APIs, particularly when those APIs are owned by different business units or teams.

Roll out our Universal Data Graph rapidly or gradually. Use it to stitch your services together at your own pace, without losing time to new development. Try it out, then scale, or dive in at the deep end. Whatever your business goals, Tyk and UDG can support your GraphQL needs.