GraphQL use cases for your organisation

Turn GraphQL into a single pane of glass into your entire organisation

GraphQL is more than just another API format

Its potential is huge

Do you have a whole heap of legacy spaghetti to deal with? Would you like to cut through the complexity and see your whole data infrastructure clearly?

With Tyk Universal Data Graph, you can easily and effectively combine all of your services into a single, scalable graph that you can query like any database.

Build services and products faster. Generate insights into how you operate. Take an API-first, developer-centric approach.

All with Tyk Universal Data Graph.

Enterprises around the world rely on Tyk

We support global businesses to grow, scale and run more effectively.

Powerful integration

Tyk Universal Data Graph is a powerful and easy way for your organisation to integrate its various data stores with your software infrastructure. We remove complexity, rather than layering more services over the top.

Outstanding simplicity

You can use our Universal Data Graph to turn your whole organisation into an API. With Tyk, you can ask for anything with a single question, saving time, effort and expense.

Ultimate visibility

We provide the ability to see your data infrastructure like never before, using GraphQL as a single windowpane through which you can view your entire organisation, ready to make data-driven decisions.

A revolutionary way to use GraphQL API

Universal Data Graph is a revolutionary way to combine all your SaaS services, managed data sources and legacy data into a single, cohesive and integrated view.

The average company uses 137 unique SaaS apps – up 30% since 2018. Established enterprises will also be using software from the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM. Plus there’s the usual mix of service types for the internal stack, from legacy SOAP to modern gRPC and GraphQL ones.

Tyk Universal Data Graph stitches all of these services together into a single, easily queryable graph. You can integrate with any data source in a low-code way.

Scale your stack

Increase your effectiveness

With Tyk, your organisation can be more effective and more productive. We are designed around the realities facing modern enterprises. We see your organisation how it is and support you to get to how you want it to be.

Tyk Universal Data Graph enables you to build and extend your integrated data stack incrementally while using the best tools for the job, no matter what they may be. We are vendor-agnostic and open source, for ultimate flexibility and visibility. And our upcoming support for subscriptions means that adding real-time data and message-based architecture is easy, but optional.

We’re Proud members of the GraphQL Foundation

Unleash the power of GraphQL

Use Tyk Universal Data Graph to manage your data sources easily and effectively, no matter how complex your architecture may be.

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