API Management for GraphQL

Is your enterprise GraphQL ecosystem bulletproof?

Tyk can secure your GraphQL APIs and completely replace your GraphQL gateway using our advanced Universal Data Graph.

Why? So you can sleep better at night.

GraphQL is amazing but adopting it can be tough. What about security, caching, performance optimisation and insights?

Tyk’s GraphQL Gateway has got you covered. Bring full lifecycle API management to your graph for ultimate peace of mind.

Tyk is trusted by business around the world

Outstanding security and governance mean that Tyk is the solution of choice for GraphQL environments.


Tyk is battle-tested, capable and scalable. You can trust us to secure your GraphQL APIs.


Govern your APIs effectively to get the best from them, no matter how large or complex your enterprise.


Enjoy complete visibility over what your team is doing, so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Enterprise-grade armour for GraphQL

Tyk can replace your existing GraphQL gateway and secure your APIs all in one go. We bring the enterprise-grade armour you need to make the most of GraphQL, while our Universal Data Graph makes stitching your data sources together simplicity itself.

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Tyk and GraphQL API Management

Make good things happen

With Tyk, you never need to write a GraphQL resolver for your upstream again; Tyk does it for you with our Universal Data Graph. You can stitch, combine and protect without writing any custom code, and turn a REST API into a GraphQL one without writing any customer resolvers.

Want to take things further?

Again, no problem! If you want a custom GraphQL server, we’ve built in the freedom for you to write the resolvers you need. It means you can use any GraphQL libraries you choose to build your graph – Tyk doesn’t lock you in to one vendor or setup.

Create scalable, enterprise-sized mega-graphs with ease, while enjoying all the power and stability of a battle-tested full lifecycle API management platform to protect, secure and govern your API ecosystem.

Business benefits

Get the best from GraphQL

Find out what Tyk can do for you, and how Universal Data graph can replace your GraphQL gateway to increase security

Safer exposure

Proxy your internal GraphQL services and manage which parts of the schema you want to expose to the end user, a safer way to expose your graph

Security and reliability

Secure your existing graph with enterprise-grade protocols such as OpenID connect, JWT and mutual TLS encryption

Flexibility and efficiency

‘Re-package’ one or many graphs for different use audiences, without deploying multiple times – outstanding flexibility for varying use cases

Next level integration

Enhance and integrate your GraphQL API with advanced middleware plugins

Protect yourself

Bring rate-limiting and quotas to your graph to protect your services
We also offer field based permissions
Permissions can be mapped via claims from Identity Providers for a clean separation of concerns