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At the heart of it, Tyk is a team of technology creators who want to share. 

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We believe in making things better, together. Open source is the way to do that, so it underpins everything we do and is a key driver of our innovation.

Open source is about community. It’s about collaboration, peer production and support.
It’s about being free from the limits of proprietary code.

At Tyk, our API Gateway is fully open source. It’s not just open core. We make sure that all of the enterprise features and functionality you require are included as standard. Our open source philosophy means you can use Tyk with whatever other best-of-breed tools you want to.


Tyk has been first to market with new features, new capabilities and new solutions. We’ve changed the market. And that’s down to being open source – to building cooperatively and collaboratively. It’s part of our DNA

James Hirst, Co-Founder, Tyk

Always open

Our commitment to open source is at the heart of what we do. Anything that is API Gateway-related, lives in the Gateway, or is critical for the Gateway to work is open and freely available via our Github. That includes our powerful new GraphQL server.

Free to use forever

We don’t use the promise of open source to lure you into using a product that’s really just open core. Tyk Gateway is free to use, now and forever, because we believe that benefits all of us. We were open source when Tyk had one user and we’re still open source after millions of downloads.

No lock-in

We hate vendor lock-in and love open standards, so we make it easy for you to integrate Tyk’s open source tools with whatever tools you like: paid, open source, made by Tyk or made by others.

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Open source support

Open is the start of everything!

Our entire business depends on our commitment to being open source. Tyk has developed and evolved as a community effort – we wouldn’t exist without it and we invest in supporting it and our open source users.

The open source philosophy flows throughout our business. It means we can build and deliver faster, more efficient and better software.

People contribute to Tyk from across the globe, our community supports the product and each other. We’re not limited or restricted thanks to our open source approach. We can work in better ways, innovating rapidly and changing the market.

We believe that open source is the way that all software is headed. Building cooperatively and collaboratively is, fundamentally, a good thing. We will champion that approach now and forever and by signing up to Tyk, you can benefit from, and become part of, that open source community.

We’re committed:

Proud members of Open API Specification, Linux foundation, CNCF

Community support, guidance and release notifications

Our commitment to open source also delivers a host of benefits for our users: signup for free with Tyk, receive securely packaged open source packages, getting started guides, access to our community and all of the latest open source information.

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Highly performant and cloud-native; written in Go; supports REST and GraphQL

Our OS Gateway

Our philosophy is to make software that comes ‘with batteries included’ with no feature lockout and no blackbox. That’s why the Tyk Gateway is 100% open source for all users. Now and always.

Configurable, flexible and automatable into your customised CI/CD pipelines. We don’t force you to work with Tyk’s workflows – Tyk moulds around your existing stack.

  • 5m+ DockerHub pulls
  • 6k+ GitHub stars
  • 1,200+ members of Tyk OS community

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Our community

Support when you need it

Answers, advice and inspiration are at your fingers in the Tyk Community Forum. Ask a question or browse the vast repository of previously answered queries to access the expert support and solutions you need.

Collaboration is one of our cornerstones. So we are here to support you however you need. We run workshops and webinars, share scenarios, pack our blog with insights and provide extensive documentation.

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“The Open Source philosophy as well as the internal APIs of Tyk make it easy to integrate Tyk within our ecosystem. Thank you, Tyk!”

Services industry CEO review, Gartner Peer Insights


Some of our success stories

Thousands of businesses are using open source tools like Tyk to power their digital transformation. Our API Gateway features are available open source, free to all. You can customise and integrate with your existing infrastructure as you wish. Just like these users did:

Case study – Alyce

A consistent entry point for all API endpoints, including internal applications, back-office applications and external customers

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Make good things happen

You can start reaping the rewards of true open source by using Tyk with your existing infrastructure. You can use Tyk Pump, Tyk Sync and/or Tyk CLI, knowing that they’re open source and backwards-compatible, now and forever.

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