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Welcome to Tyk’s Community Forum

In need of advice? Then you’re in the right place. The Tyk Community Forum is your go-to source of advice and inspiration from other Tyk users. It’s also the ideal place to share your own knowledge and experience of Tyk. Post questions, review queries and read advice from all those who have gone before you – it’s all part of the Tyk Community Forum experience.

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Rapid responses to your questions

Got a question? Simply post it in the Forum! Access advice on how to get Tyk up and running in your environment, discuss bugs and errors and more.

Gain expert insights from experienced users

Ask your peers about Tyk features, configuration, Cloud and more. See how others have implemented API management scenarios like yours. You can also review the questions and advice of all those who have gone before you.

A wealth of learning resources

We regularly release tutorials, ideas and code into the community to help everyone grow. We also run workshops, sharing our knowledge as widely as possible. What’s good for you is good for us.

There’s also plenty of Tyk-based activity over on GitHub, if that’s more your thing, so feel free to head over and star us.

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Join our proactive Tyk community

Tyk started as a community project, and we’re committed to remaining one.

We’ve grown from a community of one to over a million downloads, with events in 15+ countries and users on every continent.

We’re proud to have an active Tyk Community, with members who contribute in many ways. Why not take a look at our Community Awards Winners to see some of the innovative integrations and powerful plugins our users have contributed to API Acceleration.

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Actively support others

Contribute in multiple ways

Keep pushing forward

Interested in getting more involved?

Whether it’s code contributions, community blog posts or entirely new features, our community pushes us (and each other) forward. If you want to actively support others, you could:

  • Create integrations
  • Suggest and discuss new features
  • Answer questions from the community
  • Contribute code
  • Join our research panel or bug bounty programme
  • Create Tyk explainer videos
  • Host a Tyk meetup
  • Edit Tyk documentation

Thousands of Tyk users have signed up to the Community Forum to date, with new members signing up all the time. That means there’s a whole load of expertise and support for users to access.

Our community in action

How HeiGIT implemented the Gateway in two days, with Community support

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Get help now

Looking for further support? In addition to the Tyk Community Forum, we have a range of support options available.

You can browse our free support documentation, watch one of our videos or meander through our fabulous open source docs to help you get unstuck.

And if you’re pondering broader questions about life, the universe and everything – or at least about your API project – then the API expertise on our blog should be of interest.

And if you need dedicated support, our paid options are considered the best in the business

Head over to our Support and SLA page to find the support option that’s best for you.

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