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Developer Experience: You are doing it wrong! | The API Hangout #50

Duration 60min

Developer experience, (DevX or DX for short) describes the overall feelings and perceptions a developer has while interacting with a technical product. This has gained a lot of popularity and importance over the years especially in an API-led product world.

However, there are some misconceptions around DevX:

❌  Thinking DevX is just about tools and documentation.
❌  Taking a siloed approach to DevX without considering the intersection of value exchange, user experience and developer experience.
❌  Not considering user feedback, from both internal and external users, to inform the development of the DX journey

In this 50th edition of the API hangout we explore the different components of DX, how to avoid these common pitfalls and how to think holistically about your API product and it’s developer experience.

For a more holistic approach to DevX, consider:

✅ A combination of Developer productivity, developer satisfaction and success in task completion.
✅ The developer’s mental model – what’s intuitive to developers and what’s their expectation when interacting with a tool/platform.
✅ Delivering an experience that is predictable and consistent – no surprises!
✅ The cost of bad DX – from a cost, resource and reputation perspective.