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Community Call #2: Who won the Tyk Side Project Fund & what’s new in Tyk 5.1?

Duration 1h 30min

We are back with our second edition of the Tyk Community Call. In this edition, you will hear from the winners of our Tyk Side Project Fund as they share their story, where they are in their journey and demo their product!

We will walk you through our Tyk 5.1 release including exciting new adiditions to the Universal Data Graph (UDG) that will enable you to build even more powerful data graphs, and an enhanced Tyk Cloud Hybrid workflow that will enable you to deploy hybrid data planes with even more ease.

Intrigued? Well here’s the agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s new in Tyk 5.1 – hands-on demo of UDG
  3. Enhanced Tyk Cloud Hybrid workflows
  4. Tyk Side Project Fund winner showcase
  5. PipeOps – winner’s journey and demo
  6. Otterkit – winner’s journey and demo
  7. Classboard – winner’s journey and demo
  8. What’s next on the roadmap?
  9. Community hangout and Q&A

Community calls are informal online events for the Tyk community to recognise our community heroes, discuss key community initiatives and talk about what’s new in the world of Tyk. It’s not yet another webinar. It’s a place to interact with people at Tyk and other API experts like you!


So, what are you waiting for!?