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APIs – Cost centre or revenue generator?

Duration 60min

Date: May 10, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm – 8.00 pm SGT

Venue: The Hive, North Bridge Road

Founders’ roundtable

In today’s digital ecosystem, APIs have become essential to web technologies, allowing different systems and applications to communicate and share data and functionality. As more organizations build APIs and API-first products, it is essential for business owners and decision-makers to understand whether APIs are a drain on your resources or a legit way to generate revenue. 

Join Martin Buhr, co-founder and CEO of Tyk, and James Hirst, co-founder and COO at Tyk for an exclusive in-person roundtable discussion exploring the following topic:

  • Understanding how APIs are Driving Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth for businesses
  • Discussing the challenges of implementing APIs and strategies for overcoming them
  • Discussing how APIs can impact a company’s bottom line
  • Identifying best practices for developing APIs that generate revenue
  • Identifying critical metrics for measuring the business value of APIs

At this event, you will have an opportunity to connect with like-minded decision-makers, share your experiences and insights, and learn from industry experts. Our founders will share their own experiences and insights on how APIs have helped businesses to generate revenue and improve their bottom line.

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