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Finnish start-up Sun Energia is using Tyk to make the world a better place

SECTOR  Energy
PRODUCT  Self-Managed

The impact of implementing Tyk for Sun Energia

Implementing Tyk has provided Sun Energia with an intuitive, easy-to-use API management solution. Time-saving and effort-reducing, it allows the company’s founders to focus on what they do best – enabling building owners to test and tap into their solar power potential.

Finnish start-up Sun Energia

Companies of all shapes and sizes use Tyk to connect their systems in new and exciting ways, to improve efficiency and to deliver an all-round better customer experience. Finnish start-up Sun Energia, for example, is using Tyk to ensure that its solar feasibility services are delivered in an orderly fashion, by running its various customer applications through our product.

What API challenges did Sun Energia face?

Founded by two brothers in the Finnish city of Espoo, Sun Energia exists to support building owners to accurately assess the feasibility, viability and profitability or installing solar energy systems in any specific rooftop. Available in Finland and England at present, the company’s 3D modelling covers 400 billion square metres of rooftops, factoring in everything from shapes, slopes and aspects to shading.

The web-based decision-making tool enables building owners to consider the viability based on simulated solar yield in their particular location. Conceived and built by an energy engineer and a mathematician, the business quickly found popularity in both the UK and Finland.

Growing customer numbers brought their own challenges, though, particularly in relation to controlling numerous essential applications.

Why did Sun Energia turn to Tyk?

Sun Energia first came across Tyk online. The company was providing multiple applications – including for use by building owners, power companies and solar companies – each of which utilised an independent gateway. As customer numbers grew, controlling the applications became increasingly troublesome.

As such, Sun Energia began looking into API management solutions. The company tested an API management product and decided to use just such a solution to run all of its customer applications. This is where Tyk came in.

Tyk’s particular appeal in this instance related both to how easy our product is to implement and to the fact that we offer a free Proof of Concept licence that covers up to 1,000 API calls per day. As a start-up, Sun Energia found this licence, which allows the user to manage a single Tyk node, to be absolutely perfect.

How has Sun Energia used Tyk day-to-day?

Sun Energia has been using Tyk’s gateway and dashboard to deliver a neat and tidy API management solution. Implementing the solution was easy, with the self-hosted service up and running smoothly in a day or two. Sun Energia is using one active Tyk gateway and node, deployed in a Microsoft Azure environment.

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