Einhell Germany AG

Enhanced security, faster time to market, greater control

SECTOR  Retail
PRODUCT  Self-Managed

Einhell Germany AG and Tyk

State-of-the-art battery and tool producer Einhell Germany AG is using Tyk’s full lifecycle API management solution to secure, control and monitor its APIs.

Who is Einhell Germany AG?

Einhell Germany AG is a German developer and seller of state-of-the-art tools for DIY enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and handymen. The company is also a leader in battery technology and has been the main partner of BMW i Motorsport in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since 2018/19.

Why did Einhell Germany AG need an API gateway?

Christoph Kufner, Senior IT Architect at Einhell Germany AG, explains why the company needed an API gateway:

“We were looking for enhanced security for our existing APIs, along with faster time to market with Tyk from the developer perspective. We also wanted better control and monitoring of APIs.”

Why Tyk?

Einhell Germany AG needed a reliable, scalable solution to support its monthly API traffic of 40 million calls, with a peak traffic rate of 1,500 per second. The company chose Tyk for a number of reasons, as Einhell Germany AG’s Kufner recalls:

“We were drawn to the clear and comprehensible architecture of Tyk. Plus it is easy to install and maintain and can be scaled nicely. The dashboard is the main advantage over other similar products – there’s no heavy scripting of configuration and no steep learning curve.”

This meant that Einhell Germany AG was able to implement Tyk swiftly and painlessly, setting it up via Docker in less than a day. Einhell Germany AG then spent a week or so configuring Tyk and confirming that the setup was secure and correct.

Other benefits flagged up by Einhell Germany AG include Tyk’s “extensive documentation and excellent communication”.

How is Tyk working with Einhell Germany AG?

Einhell Germany AG is using Tyk to interconnect different systems within its corporation and to provide data, services and dedicated applications to its customers. Both internal and external developers consume its APIs. As the number of those APIs and the volume of traffic grew, Einhell Germany AG sought a better solution to managing its APIs in a slick and comprehensive way.

How is Einhell Germany benefiting from using Tyk?

Tyk has made a difference to Einhell Germany AG in a number of ways. It has resulted in a faster time to market for the company’s APIs, while legacy APIs can be customised with specific security requirements in just minutes.

The faster delivery of APIs and services also means lower effort for multiple teams within Einhell Germany AG, providing them with more time to focus on other tasks.

Tyk has also provided Einhell Germany AG with peace of mind as a result of the enhanced security of its APIs, as well as superb management oversight through greater control and monitoring abilities.

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