The API product management newsletter | #016 | 5 December 2023

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This week: We’re looking at API product management from three different angles this week, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to land your first API Product Manager role, add more value to your API products or master the marketing of them, you should find some tasty titbits below.

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💡The good stuff: This week’s API product management links:

“APIs are a huge boon because they can facilitate exposing the value of your software” – Anna Daugherty

What does it mean to accelerate API innovation and why should you be doing it? Anna Daugherty, Director of Product Marketing at Ospera, takes a deep dive into API industry buzzwords, translating them into measurable metrics in this recent Apidays London talk. She shows how you can blend people, processes and technology to drive value, using APIs to open up your assets to innovators, both internal and external. If you’re ready to put key outcomes for velocity, stability, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and market share into practice for your API products, this is the place to start.

“You do not need to have technical experience to be an API product manager” – Quy L

Is the recipe for the secret sauce of API product management eluding you? Then let’s go back to basics. If you’re a product manager who wants to leap into the API space but aren’t quite sure where to start, this chat with Twilio-Segment Product Manager Quy L will get you off the blocks. Chatting with interviewer Erika Gemzer, Quy starts with the very basics of what API products are, before looking at what API product managers do and how they measure success in their roles. If you’re keen to break into API product management, watch to the end for some tips on landing your first role.

“You need to try to convince people of the benefits” – Heiko Dosch

We’re seeing an increasing number of API product management roles springing up around the globe, but what about the role of API marketing? Given my own role at Tyk, I was interested to hear from Heiko Dosch, API Marketing and Community Manager at Commerzbank, in this interview with Erik Wilde. Together they shed light on how API marketing is bridging the gap between treating APIs as products and improving the success of those products. Plenty of interesting insights here for those who are ready to take their established API products to the next level of success.

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