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For open source and developer licence users, the Tyk community forum is your go-to source of Tyk advice from other Tyk users.

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Not only can you post your own questions, you’ll also benefit from reviewing the questions and advice of all those who have gone before you.

Don’t forget, you can always browse our free documentation, or watch one of our videos to get unstuck. If you’re pondering broader questions about your API project, have a read of our API Expertise blog.

For a full overview of all our support options, head over to our Tyk Support section.

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Tyk started as a Community project, and we’re committed to staying one. We’re proud to have an active Tyk Community who contribute to the Tyk project in many ways.

Take a look at our recent Community Awards Winners to see just some of the innovative integrations, powerful plugins and our users have contributed to API Acceleration.

Interested in getting more involved? Take a look at our Community page to see how.

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All paying Tyk users get access to our expert support team – the very same team who work on Tyk the product and who are considered best in the business. We’ve even been called ‘too fast’ (Modulr, 2018).

Simply choose between on-premise, cloud etc, and upgrade your account. Then, log a ticket via our helpdesk portal: you’ll be instantly connected to an engineer who not only feels your pain, but knows their stuff.

Give us a try and see why we’re considered best in the business.


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