Heidelberg University’s GIScience Research Group provide an alternative to Google Maps, using open and crowd-sourced data. Accessible through, the Routing services are delivered by using user-generated, collaboratively collected free geographic data from OpenStreetMap. (Please donate your geographic data to!)


Building a scaleable, reliable and accessible service, whilst minimising costs and ensuring transparency. Added to this, the project is focused on Routing services, not managing APIs, developers or infrastructure.


By implementing Tyk, Heidelberg University have been able to deliver sigfnificant performance and reliability improvements, reducing costs and allowing the team to focus on the product, not the infrastructure. In addition, the portal functionality has allowed them to extend reach and accessibility of the service, by making it a self-service proposition for developers, who are now able to register and access the API entirely automatically.


Open Route Service now offers to application developers a way to query optimal routes with various restrictions/options/preferences/profiles with the “directions” API, get a human-readable address from a geographic coordinate with the “geocoding” API, and much more.