Introducing Tyk 4.0 – next generation of data management

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APIs enable companies to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and with far more flexibility. But only when they’re managed properly. Tyk is a best-in-class API management platform used by Fortune-500 companies and has been named “Visionary” by Gartner 2 years in a row for its ground-breaking set of capabilities and forward thinking.

Over the years, as we’ve been improving our Full Lifecycle API Management (FLAPIM) capabilities, we’ve also been investing very heavily in new technologies – chief amongst them being GraphQL. Why? Because we firmly believe that the future is a graph, and we dream of that software future where you can ask the computer anything, and it can traverse the various databases of the world to not only find, but link the data you need in order to answer your question.

Tyk 4.0 marks a major step forward in making that dream a reality. On top of Tyk’s existing full lifecycle API management capabilities, we are bringing 4 major new capabilities to provide an incomparable end-to-end API journey for organisations.

Tyk GraphQL Federation – Building distributed GraphQL services the enterprise way

Since Tyk 3.0, we’ve had this rather awesome feature we call the Universal Data Graph (UDG), which enables you to adopt GraphQL as well as stitch together data from different data sources without writing a single line of code, or changing any of your back-end REST services. As an organisation, this meant that you could get up and running with GraphQL in a short period of time at a much lower cost and resource commitment. 

With Tyk 4.0, we are bringing support for a whole new way of approaching and scaling GraphQL services in large enterprises with distributed business units – GraphQL Federation! GraphQL Federation enables the division of GraphQL implementation across multiple backend services, while exposing them through a  unified interface  for the consumers. 

To put this in perspective, Netflix used GraphQL Federation to scale their GraphQL services from about a hundred to over 7000 with sub-millisecond response times!

With this new release, Tyk is now a Federated Gateway, not only enabling GraphQL Federation but also bringing full lifecycle API management for your Federated APIs, providing end-to-end support for your GraphQL journey.

We are proud to say that Tyk is the only API management platform that can truly support you on your GraphQL journey from newbie, to expert whether you are want to adopt GraphQL quickly, combine data from different data sources through schema stitching or federate GraphQL services across distributed teams

Real-time events with GraphQL Subscriptions

GraphQL has this forward-thinking, and extremely useful feature called subscriptions, which enables you to provide event-driven APIs as part of your GraphQL schema, and now with Tyk 4.0, we provide full subscription support

What does that mean for you? It means you can take your APIs to the next level by supporting real-time, async, and request/response APIs.

And we’re not stopping there, in future releases you can expect support for Kafka and other real-time data sources to be pluggable back-ends for our Universal Data Graph.

Federated GraphQL Subscriptions is now a reality

For a long time, GraphQL industry leaders have struggled to bring federated support for GraphQL Subscriptions to market. Subscriptions have always been a class apart and just don’t work well with federation. What good is this futuristic subscription-based real-time GraphQL API when you can’t put it in an enterprise stack that uses Federation? 

Well, you have a solution now – Tyk!

We don’t like to do things by halves, so as of this release, Tyk is the only platform that fully supports federated GraphQL subscriptions. This means that Tyk is the only API management platform in the world that can manage full-blown, real-time, federated, enterprise-grade GraphQL APIs at scale.

And we support this natively. Unlike some other solutions out there, subscriptions are not a separate service on the side that can connect to the federated supergraph and get data from it, they are part of the federated supergraph. It is easy to use, ready in a few clicks, and does not require any additional code or architectural considerations. 

Tyk meets PostgreSQL – you aren’t limited to using MongoDB anymore!

Tyk is an Open Source Enterprise-grade API Management Platform used by Fortune-500 firms and startups alike. One thing many of our customers have in common (and I’ll take a guess that you probably feel the same way), is a common discomfort with the NoSQL MongoDB database. 

Tyk has been using MongoDB since we started the company, it’s a great product, and really shines in large-scale production environments.  But it brings significant challenges with it.

As of Tyk 4.0, we fully support SQL as a database back-end, meaning you can run Tyk with SQLite on your local machine, or scale up into production with PostgreSQL and all of it’s battle-hardened scaling features. 

This means three things for you:

  • Lower deployment costs
  • Faster and easier setup
  • It’s very likely you don’t need to learn yet another new thing to be productive with Tyk!

This doesn’t mean you can’t use MongoDB anymore, it just means you have a choice between SQL and NoSQL databases.

We’re building an API Management Platform that empowers the developer to be more productive, the analyst to ask intelligent questions, and the architect to design clean interfaces. We want your API Management Platform to not only help organise and secure your tech stack, but to offer a single pane of glass through which to see your company – a magic mirror that can answer any question you ask of it.

And that’s what makes us different – we’re here to help you get things done, and then help you make things better. We’re the only platform that delivers the key features you need right now, and the features that will guide you into a productive future.

So, what are you waiting for? Tyk 4.0 is available right now!

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