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End-to-end support for your enterprise GraphQL journey through Tyk’s Federated gateway, bringing Federated Subscriptions for the first time on any APIM platform, and supporting PostgreSQL for your data management needs!

With Tyk 4.0, we are now the only API management platform in the world that can manage full-blown, real-time, federated, enterprise-grade GraphQL APIs at scale!

Martin Buhr
Founder & CEO

Tyk GraphQL Federation

Federated gateway to manage distributed GraphQL services at scale

  • End-to-end support for GraphQL adoption
  • Full life-cycle GraphQL API management
  • Fast, reliable data access through single unified GraphQL interface
  • Enable specialised enterprise business units to implement distributed GraphQL services

Tyk’s Federated Gateway, not only enables GraphQL Federation but also brings full lifecycle API management for your Federated APIs, providing end-to-end support for your GraphQL journey.

Agata Witkowska
Senior Product Manager


GraphQL Subscriptions

Enable client applications to listen for real-time data updates

  • Support real-time, async, and request/response APIs
  • Uses the websocket protocol to push events from the server
  • Supported out-of-the-box alongside GraphQL API management
  • How is it being used? New chat messages, inventory updates, new insurance claim request…

Federated Subscriptions – first of its kind!

Manage real-time, federated, enterprise-grade GraphQL APIs

  • Enrich real-time events with information from federated graphs
  • Supported natively coupled with best-in-class API management
  • Does not require any additional code or architectural considerations
  • Easy to use, ready in a few clicks

SQL database support

You aren’t limited to using MongoDB anymore!

  • Choose between SQL database & NoSQL database to store and manage your APIM data
  • Faster setup, easier deployment, cost effective
  • Run PoCs on your local machine with SQLite
  • Scale up into production with PostgreSQL

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