Tyk raises $35M to connect every system in the world! 

Tyk mascot illustration

Hello, fellow humans!

It is I, completely regular human and fellow oxygen-enjoyer Martin Buhr – founder and CEO of Tyk Technologies – wishing you a spectacular morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate). I bring marvellous news to share with everyone who follows the history and future of Tyk and has been a part of our journey to date.

Today we announce the completion of a $35M growth equity investment round. The kind, obliging and thorough folks at Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) have joined with our existing investors MMC to help us get to the next stage of our plan to conquer the Earth connect every system in the world! Huzzah!

These funds will help us continue to be provocative and passionate about building the best and most innovative API Management Platform out there. They’ll support our expanded Universal Data Graph capabilities and nurture our next-generation multi-vendor managed cloud.

And, whilst we were early pioneers of the ‘work from anywhere’ revolution, funding will help us continue to build a remote business that’s the best to work for, and with. 

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But before I tell you more, indulge me for a moment, if you will. Tyk has been on an incredible journey since our inception in 2014 and we couldn’t have done it without you: our valued customers and open source users.

In her short time on this earth, Tyk has been deployed millions of times, in every continent on the planet and outer space. She’s been rubber-stamped as a ‘Visionary’ by Gartner themselves. She’s powered mission-critical, innovative projects, and even the odd batshit-crazy scheme, with some of the biggest companies in the world, and some of the most creative, technical tinkerers out there.

So whether you pay for Tyk, use the open source gateway or just come along to the odd GraphQL hangout to hear Jens wax lyrical on federation: THANK YOU!

Really: thank you – for having the vision to recognise Tyk’s vast potential, and for helping us grow and evolve. 

Connecting every system in the world – nay, universe!

But what does this funding mean for you? Is Tyk going to become a super-corporate-automated-faceless-machine? Will I finally get that boat I‘ve been dreaming about? Clearly there are some important questions to be answered.

  • Our product. Our Tyklings have been incredibly busy since we took our last funding round. They created our groundbreaking Universal Data Graph, built one of the fastest GraphQL servers in the industry, launched our unique cloud offering and laid the foundations of our upcoming Death Ray™ Enterprise Developer Portal. This new funding from SEP means we can continue to remain innovators in our space.
  • Our team. Our team is still our greatest asset (we suspect they always will be). The product is fabulous, of course, but our supportive, talented, intelligent, empathetic (I could go on…) Tyklings are at the heart of our success. That’s why we’re committed to keeping Tyk remote-first, letting our team work when and where they want in order to get the work/life balance that each Tykling wants.
  • Our customer service. We will continue to deliver the support you deserve. Our approach to customer service has been core to our success, so why would we change that? From community support for our open source users to 24/7/365 SLAs for our clients, we remain committed to the personal, speedy support service for which Tyk is known and loved.  
  • We’ll still build for developers and engineers first, based on our users’ evolving needs.
  • The Tyk API Gateway remains open source and batteries-included – for now, and forever. End of.
  • And no, I’m still not allowed to buy a boat 

STILL the only boat Martin’s allowed to get his hands on

Onward, fellow humans! 

We’re proud to have gone from a hacky, open source side-hustle to a progressive, remote-first, industry-leading API management vendor. And we’ll continue to play a critical role in re-shaping the way that systems are connected in a digital world. We’re certainly not done with being disruptors just yet.

Over the next year, we plan to double the size of our team, opening new hubs in West Coast USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand to add to our existing Tyk Towers in London, Atlanta and Singapore.

We started Tyk with one mission: to connect every system in the world. But recently we’ve started to think that seems too, well… limited. This funding will help us build a product and business that puts us on course to connect every system in the universe. With that in mind…