Tyk Cloud: accessible API management without limits

Tyk Cloud, API Management SaaS Platform

We’re delighted to announce two new methods of evaluating, adopting and managing the features of Tyk Cloud.

Individual developers and teams can now try out managing their APIs with Tyk Cloud at no cost.

You can choose to test drive Tyk Cloud, either by a free 5-week evaluation trial or by using Cloud Free. More on that, in a monent.

Tyk is cloud-native and has always been a genuine multi-cloud product. We’re taking it to the next level to enable you to run and operate Tyk using your chosen cloud provider in whichever region you like.

Here’s a closer look at how Tyk Cloud can help manage your global API ecosystem.

What is Tyk Cloud?

Here at Tyk, we want to help all engineering teams easily access and flexibly create, deploy, govern, manage and scale their APIs.

Tyk Cloud lets you enjoy the convenience of simplified API management overhead while retaining the control you would expect.

With Tyk Cloud, you don’t need to worry about vendor lock-in or complex deployments; you can benefit from being able to optimise your platforms across and between a myriad of providers such as AWS and Google Cloud.

Tyk Cloud is pre-configured, so you can be up and running within a few clicks. The platform includes everything you need to manage your global API ecosystem:

Tyk Cloud enables you to wire your environments between cloud providers and your infrastructure anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

This eliminates vendor lock-in and makes it possible to expand your platform to cater to your client’s changing needs.

The two flavours of Tyk Cloud

Tyk Cloud makes it easy for individual developers and engineering teams to evaluate and adopt best-in-class open-source API management.

We’re giving developers two different paths to entry to Tyk Cloud, so you can explore, evaluate and implement its features without limits or credit card commitments.

Here are the two new ways for you to start managing your API ecosystem immediately.

1. Extended free trial

Newly extended from 14 days to 5 weeks, our evaluation trial option offers complete API management in the cloud without managing infrastructure.

This means three exciting things for you:

  • You can be up and running in 15 minutes
  • You have flexible deployment options to suit organisations of different sizes and complexity
  • You have simple pricing options that are easy to manage and scale

This is designed for teams and multi-organisations with high-level traffic requirements.

Our most advanced version of Tyk Cloud suits teams who need an enterprise-grade platform to manage, secure and govern their API ecosystem.

2. Cloud Free

Our Cloud Free option offers individual developers an entirely free way to use Tyk Cloud forever!

With no time limitations, this limited version of Tyk Cloud suits small projects that want to get your API program up and running.

This is suitable for small-scale API projects with low-level traffic requirements.

How to get started

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for a Tyk Cloud account,
  2. Select which version of Tyk Cloud you wish to try and…
  3. Follow the guided setup

Try Tyk Cloud Free Now