Tyk Canada has landed!

Last month, some of our Tyklings settled into a new subsidiary home in London, Ontario – and we’re very excited to tell you about our shiny Canadian hub!

This is our first office in Canada, and while we have always served international clients, we wanted to tap into the resources and talent to provide a local office for local needs.

What’s so good about London, Ontario?

London, Ontario, boasts an up-and-coming tech sector that is seeing some of the hottest growth among mid-sized cities in North America.

Through this thriving tech scene, we’re attracting a growing bunch of very talented Canadian Tyklings. So, we want to ensure that we continue to capture (that sounds sinister – let’s try embrace) this considerable supply of homegrown talent. We see it as an opportunity to set up a local environment for the team to connect both within Tyk and the tech community! This will work to ensure we service our 100+ North American customers in the right time zone.

Tyk’s graduate program

The Tyk talent team is busy hiring non-stop. So, we’re delighted to be rolling out a graduate program as a way for new talent to build up their career and skills and allow us to develop sought-after talent from within the team

Tyk has always been a remote-first business. But as we grew, we realized some specific roles and projects are more suited to in-person work than others. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; the results are measurable in optimizing our business operations and accelerating growth. So, our new hub will be the perfect place to facilitate the training and development of our new tech superstars.

Happy Tyklings

Our Canada Tyklings are excited to have a base to connect, collaborate and continue to empower customers in their APIM journeys. 

Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

“For Tyk to make such a large investment in the tech community is amazing.” – Jia Wu, Solutions Architect

“It’s an incredible investment and sign of growth.” – Sedky Abou-Shamalah, Lead Solutions Architect

“It shows great growth potential. It also gives my colleagues and me a lot of flexibility at working from home while also being able to come together in a local environment and connect in regards to Tyk and the tech world in general.” – Valmir Verbani, Team Lead Support Engineer

We can’t wait to watch our new home grow – both in the number of employees and bolstering its place as a tech hub for operations in North America as we continue to grow our customer base here. 


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